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Our Crazy R & R Beach Getaway

Posted on 10 January 2013 by Kari Gibson

The ocean makes me happy. Ask my family, and they will tell you mom’s dream vacation is basking on the sandy beach, sitting on a beach chair with a good book. I love sand on my toes, and I don’t even mind the sand that magically appears on towels, shoes, floors, kid’s hair (except Zoie) and eventually, every bag we pack… it’s like taking a piece of the beach back home with us. As a child, I would spend every waking moment on our beach trips until the darkness made the water too scary to swim. My brother’s and I would spend hours jumping and riding waves with my dad, as my mom waved at us sitting on the beach with a book. I didn’t understood then how wonderful it was for “mom” to get a few hours break from mommyhood and relax. To me, it looked really boring.

When the Campbell’s announced we were going to the beach for a 2-day getaway, I was the one jumping up and down ecstatic with the kids! The little beach hotel was 40 miles from Pignon, but a rough, bumpy 4.5 hours drive. We were all up for the crazy journey and packed our bags with swimsuits and beach toys. Jennifer gently reminded us we were still in Haiti, and the hotel was a little rough around the edges, but it was right on the ocean. We didn’t care, just the idea of fresh fish and ocean breeze was worth spending 2 nights with 2 full beds and 5 people. After all, we are on an adventure! We were so thrilled our son, Michael joined us for his college winter break, and we were excited to bask in the Haitian sun together as a family.

The hotel was full. Seriously, the manager at the front desk gave us the bad news with a nervous smile, “Sorry, come back in a few days, we are all full. No rooms.” I gulped down my enormous disappointment and tried not to cry in front of the six kids holding on to their buckets and sand shovels. The UN had filled most of the rooms, and a medical team was coming in the next day, so the hotel was stuffed full to the brim. In a last ditch attempt, Bill Campbell asked if there were any rooms for just tonight, and we would pack up and leave the next day before the team arrived for the weekend. The manager, with relief, welcomed us to Hotel “Cormier” with a warm smile and agreed to a 24-hour stay. We all ran to our room (1 King bed only) and ran to the beach. We were not going to miss a single second of beach fun.

It was paradise. A little piece of heaven carved out in Haiti, only a few miles from the dirtiest city I have ever seen in my life, Cap Haitian. The sand was soft and the waves perfect for playing and snorkeling. We ate homemade ice cream mixed with a sprinkle of sand and played until the hotel served dinner at 7pm. Meals were included in our package deal, so we could eat lobster and not worry about the price. I ate Lobster Friccasse, (lobster with butter & garlic) the best vegetable soup, and homemade Haitian bread. Roger and I took a romantic walk and much to our surprise …. basked in the huge orange full moon. We had no idea we just watched a rare lunar eclipse seen from around the world, with front row seats on the beach.

The next day, we all decided to play at the ocean until noon check out. Inside, I was a little sad … not wanting to leave and cut our R & R short. I told all the little girls to hold hands and pray for a beach miracle. We prayed and asked Jesus to let us stay for one more day. I made a big circle in the sand (thanks to my favorite book!) Can you imagine our surprise when a few hours later, the owner himself, came out to greet us and announce we could stay one more day!!!!! We made quite a scene celebrating the good news, even the UN were cheering! I love God-surprises! Later that day, our son went kayaking with “Captain Bill” and when their ship capsized, Michael’s foot slammed into the coral rocks below, and was speared by a black, spiky sea urchin. I know he was in terrible pain. The staff yelled for someone to pee on his foot (I promise!) and later explained that the spears were calcium and would eventually dissolve in his foot, ordering us not to dig them out to cause infection. Finally, the pain eased and he returned back to the beach to soak his foot in saltwater, instead of pee. We enjoyed another 24 hours playing, eating, swimming, snorkeling, and making sand castles on the beach.

Living 6 months on the mission field, has been non-stop action. As a family, we were so grateful for the 48 hours to chill out and relax together, doing absolutely nothing. We are grateful for the family for inviting us to join them at the beach, and also enjoying time for R & R. We all felt renewed and energized and refreshed to go back to real life living and serving at Haiti Home of Hope orphanage. It’s a tremendous amount of work raising 40 children and caring for the community of Pignon. The Campbell’s constantly amaze me. This year, they are celebrating their 10th year anniversary living in Haiti. We are so honored to learn from them what it means to live James 1:27.

The biggest fear of a missionary is passion burn-out. If you don’t take the time as parents to rest and relax … you set yourself up for major burn out no matter where you live in this world. I think one of the greatest gifts you can give a full-time missionary, is the gift of rest. If you support a missionary, prayerfully consider sending them on a R & R retreat and I promise it will be a priceless gift of love and support and restoring passion! Jesus Christ is the ultimate Life-Giver and our source of passion. “He breathes life into us in all its fullness, comprehensively and completely! If we play sports, we should play hard. If we’re musicians, we should create heavenly music. If we love photography, we should search for the perfect moment with perfect lighting. If we’re coffee lovers, we should drink good coffee with gusto. Only a passion-filled person can live dead; a passionless person cannot.” (Live Dead Journal, missionary, Brett Nelson- South Africa, Burundi & Madagascar)

Do you support a missionary? Prayerfully, consider asking God to allow you to financially bless someone, and restore their passion on the mission field.

To learn more about our ministry, Simply Love click here and support our 12-month mission adventure.

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Am I A Good Mom On The Field?

Posted on 08 January 2013 by Kari Gibson

I love being a mom! I can’t believe the adventures being a mom has brought to my life. I’ve had the honor of mommyhood for 19 years and grateful for the hours and days and years I’ve spent with my three beautiful children! The ups and downs and challenging mom days have prepared me in so many ways to have the courage to face the new dreams in my life. I’ve made so many mistakes through the years, I lost count after the first year of my son, Michael’s life. Every day is an opportunity to grow in love, wisdom, forgiveness, prayer, perseverance, and faith. I often tell my friends, I wake up every morning grateful for another day my kids are making good choices, and committed to living a Christ filled life. We all know life is hard, and parenting never gets any easier, no matter where you live in the world.

I think the greatest challenge this year has been mentally, asking myself countless times, am I a good mom on the mission field? It was the scariest decision to bring our two daughters, five year old, Zoie and sixteen year old, Hannah with us on our mission-adventure. Making the choice to home-school was easy, but actually homeschooling scared me to death. The fear rippled through me for months, can I really do this?Will I ruin Hannah’s education? Can I do a good job? The fear kept me up at nights, and even though the theme I rewind over and over … do it afraid played in my mind, like a broken record, I really had no idea if this was going to work out. It’s amazing the people God put in my path to encourage me as a mom on the field. Mom’s came out of every corner helping me pick the best programs and reassuring me, I could do it!! Even though, I doubted, I moved forward with baby steps and a whole lot of prayer. I’m happy to report, homeschooling my girls has been such a joy and privilege this year. They have both had great attitudes (which really helps) and have handed me the gift of grace. The last thing Zoie’s preschool teacher (my best friend) told me before we headed to Haiti was, “make every day count and don’t mess this up!”

Michael and Hannah and Zoie have made big sacrifices going with Roger and I on our 12-month mission adventure. Believe me, I’m reminded every single day sleeping on bunkbeds, and taking cold showers … battling killer mosquitoes and critters when we go outside our little cement house. I’m constantly worried about one of us getting malaria or worse, dengue from the day mosqs. At night, when the voodoo drums are pounding, I wonder really how safe we are in the village of Pignon. This much I can say, Jesus has never failed us. He has been faithful and caring and patient with our family. It’s so hard for me to understand WHY He asked our family to give our stuff up and go. He could never have picked a bigger wimp than me. Seriously, I’ve lived life as safe as I can … just ask my family and friends. They will testify that I am a big chicken, that I like being comfortable, that I have been at times, selfish with my time and money. I’ve lived many years thinking only about me and my needs. It breaks my heart to think of all the time I’ve wasted in my life. I feel embarrassed knowing how many people I’ve hurt in my past, due to un-forgiveness and selfishness. I’m the last person in the world that would have thought God would ask to serve as a missionary. Writing this, I have tears streaming down my face, because I know how many chances God has given me as His adopted daughter. He never gave up on me, and continues to hold my hand as I learn to live in His will. I will be forever humbled and grateful that God gave me grace grace in every area of my life, and decided to take a chance with me serving and loving big on the field. I’ve lived an out-of the box life and I know what a privilege it’s been to have the family I grew up with and the unique opportunities being Gary Smalley’s daughter gave me the past 46 years. I try to call or text my parents often to thank them for being the best parents and believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in me. I’m working on forgiving myself most of all … asking the Lord to allow me for the rest of my life to share the gospel and serve Him through Simply Love ministry anywhere in the world where He needs me the most. Am I willing to go? Yes, I’m willing to continue to be stripped, and used, and molded to do the purpose God called me to do. Am I scared? Oh yeah!! But, I don’t want to waste another second of my life not doing what He has called me to do. “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10)

So, am I a good mom on the mission field? I pray that God works through all my crazy mistakes and failures as a mom, and … I want my three children to have the courage to take risks, try new things, obey God at ALL costs, and never be afraid to live a God-adventure. I hope I have in some crazy way, modeled for my kids to serve big and love big … no matter what you have to give up in life, no matter where you live in this world. God can use us if we are willing to simply love.

What are you willing to give up to live a new God-adventure?

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My Date With A Witch Doctor (And Two Blind Boys)

Posted on 20 December 2012 by Kari Gibson

I’m so excited to share a special post written by my husband, . You can follow along on our mission adventure from a man’s point of view on his facebook page

Roger shares: I’ve heard voodoo is the national religion of Haiti, but I never really believed it. Within the first four days of being in Haiti, I came face to face with a “real” witch doctor. I was with our missionary friend, Bill Campbell and their Pastor at the home of a family that we were building a new home. While we were there, the witch doctor that lived next door came over to say, “Bonjour.” Pastor Clebert whispered in my ear that he was a witch doctor, but when I looked at him, he didn’t actually look like a witch doctor. He was dressed very simple. Wearing tattered jeans, Hawaiian t-shirt, and a baseball cap. I was expecting a witch doctor to be dressed more like a … witch doctor. Wearing a grass hula skirt, chicken bones necklace, long dreadlocks, face paint and blood shot eyes. After I got past my disappointment of his wardrobe I wanted to learn more about him.

As Pastor Clebert walked toward the witch doctor, I quickly join him as he made his way over to him. As we walked up to the witch doctor, Pastor quietly said to me, “One of his girlfriends goes to my church.” As we approached the witch doctor, he instantly greets Pastor with a smile. Again, I wasn’t expecting a smile or a warm greeting. This was a meeting of good vs. evil. This was Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker. I wanted to see the light sabers drawn and a battle of good prevailing over darkness. Instead, I got small talk and laughter. Pastor in between sentences would translate as the witch doctor was said, “bonjour” to me and welcomed me to the community. I didn’t want to hear “how are you” and “good to see you” shallow type of conversation. I wanted a showdown!

In the hype of coming face to face with evil I wanted to fight, but in my heart I could hear the Spirit very loudly say, “Be quiet. Just pray.” I was promptly reminded to pray for the witch doctor’s heart, for Pastor Clebert, and the unseen forces at war for his very soul. As I started to praying silently, Pastor changed gears and began sharing the gospel with the witch doctor. After much talk between the two, pastor turned to me to share with me that the witch doctor said, “His time is not now.” I blurt out to pastor, “How will he know when ‘now’ is? He could die tonight and miss the ‘now’ .” Pastor asked him that question and they went back and forth in Creole with me just standing there between the two trying to decipher by their hand gestures how the conversation was progressing. Finally, pastor tuned to me and said to me that he said he will know when the “now” is, but the “now” is not today. In my mind, I wanted so bad to witness the witch doctor fall down to his knees in repentance just like at the end of movie with the bad guy begging for his life and the good guy gives him a second chance. Instead, he would remain in darkness.

Special note: The photo of the little boy with red dreadlocks, is actually a child who has been dedicated to voodoo religion. When Haitian children are sacrificed as babies to witchcraft and voodoo, their hair grows in red. This is NOT a made-up story, it’s the real deal. Please pray for this precious boy to come to know Jesus as his personal Savior. We will continue to witness to his family in Pignon.

Arriving at Haiti Home of Hope orphanage I’m immediately swarmed and surrounding by kids. I have boys jumping into my arms, onto my back, and hugging my legs. The kids don’t let go they are holding on for dear life. As I try and make my way to the house I notice two boys quietly sitting on a bench. Instantly, I’m captured by the smile on their faces. This wasn’t just a smile, but a smile captivated by joy, happiness, and gratefulness. I changed my direction and headed over to the bench.

They are brothers, both blind, and have been living at the orphanage for about two months. Later, once we got settled and the other boys ran off, I learned that the boys were found naked on a dirt floor in their home that was made out of sticks and mud. Lemonez is 14 years old and weighed in at 38 lbs. and Cozo is 11 years old at 29 lbs.

Their family of nine was originally in the Haiti Home of Hope feeding program, but due to the lack of funds they had to cut the program for a short time. Once they got the program up and going again they noticed that a few of there families were missing. So, Bill and Jennifer Campbell went out to look for their “missing” families to check on how they were doing. Upon arriving at Lemonez and Cozo’s home, they immediately saw the circumstances … it wasn’t good. Picking up the boys, their father begged Bill and Jennifer to take them into the orphanage. He was an older man who was a widower. He just didn’t have the resources or the strength to take care of the boys. Without hesitation the Campbell’s took the boys up into their arms and put them in the back seat of their big 4×4 pick up truck and headed home.

The boys now have comfortable beds to sleep in, three meals a day, and a lot of fun. (I’m holding Cozo in the photo with Lemonez hanging on my shirt on the 4-wheeler.) Plus, they have Jesus in their hearts. They are so excited about what Jesus has done in their life that the first thing they want to do when they first meet you is sing. And, they sing really loud! That is what I want to see for the witch doctor, for the hopeless, for the fatherless. To be excited for Jesus! To be grateful. … thankful … happy … joyful for all he has done for us. Regardless, of the hardship we are facing right now or how many presents we have underneath the tree we can find love wherever we are.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalms 118:1

Year End Giving

We are currently raising support for the year 2012-1213 as missionaries with Simply Love. We have raised 30% of our support goal and thankful for our mission-hearted friends giving, praying, loving, and supporting our family’s mission adventures!

We ask that you prayerfully consider giving to our ministry, Simply Love as we serve on the mission field in Haiti, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia. We have our TOP 8 financial needs listed here for fundraising on the field.

You can subscribe to our Simply Love e-newsletter here or click on the icon email news on the home page.

Year End Giving: All checks must be postmarked by December 31st for 2012

tax credit. Contributions can be mailed to:
Simply Love Ministry
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My Crazy Adoption bloggers “save the stamp” and donate online by clicking the following link:

  • OPERATION:HAITI is our paypal donation link.


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Missionary Guest Blogger: The Desires Of Your Heart

Posted on 05 December 2012 by Kari Gibson

Post edited by writer, Kathi Woodall. You can check out her blog Grow Barefoot here.

My Life Is Crazy Too is a new series of reader submissions. This is your opportunity to share stories about life, love, and mommyhood to provide understanding, hope, and compassion in the unique situations each of us face every day. Today’s crazy guest is You can follow Jennifer on Facebook .

I should have known that I would never have what others would consider a ‘normal’ life. I was always a little different from those around me. Okay, my siblings would say weird! I never worried about being popular, which worked out well, because I never was popular. I had my group of friends, and did the things I wanted to, wore the clothes I liked.

One desire I had as long as I can remember, was to live in a foreign country. Not just to visit, but really live. I also wanted to go and care for the poor, feed the hungry, nurture the sick. This was always a desire of my heart, even before I was a Christian. My grandma used to tease me, and say I was part gypsy, so I just chalked up all those strange desires to that strange part of me.

When I was 17, I enlisted in the Army National Guard, and spent 8 years in it. I loved it. I spent the first part of those years moving around the country, Texas and North Carolina, doing those things I wanted to do. I knew in my heart that there was a God, who was calling me to Him, but I was not ready. I was aware that once I submitted my life to God that it, my life, would no longer be my own. I just wanted to do things my way for a while longer.

Although I would never admit it to anyone, living life my way was losing its shine. There was a deep desire in me to serve God. I caught myself at times singing some of the old hymns. I would stop, because I felt it was not right to sing hymns, living the way I was. I also had a longing to be in a church. I didn’t understand these feelings, so I continued to push them down, and ignore the gentle tugging from God. I dug my heels in, insisting on my way for a little while longer. There was time for God later.

In the fall of 1989, I was in a very serious car accident. On my way home from working the night shift, I apparently fell asleep, and hit a semi truck head on. I was life flighted to Duke University Hospital, where they literally saved my life, and put me back together.

Suddenly, I was unable to do anything I wanted to. I had broken bones and internal injuries. Because of a severally broken leg and arm, I was in a wheelchair for 2 months. My jaw was wired shut. My life was no longer mine. I had to be waited on and helped with the simplest tasks. I couldn’t even eat.

After I was able to walk again, I decided to fly home to KC, to spend time with my family. I planned to be gone for a few weeks, at the most. That was my plan, but I had no idea what God had planned for me!

Within weeks of arriving in KC, my life was completely changed. I found that I really did not want to go back, that I wanted to stay for a while, and go to college. I signed up for some classes, found a job, and moved in with my aunt. I started attending church with her and my uncle. It was at this point that I recognized my need for a Savior.

Another great thing that happened then, I met the love of my life, Bill. We met at church, and fell in love almost immediately. We were married in just under a year. Our son, Jesse, came along, we bought a house, and acquired a dog.

For once, I was leading a pretty normal life, going to church, homeschooling Jesse, teaching Sunday School. I am sure my family was glad to see me settle down! But I would still, on occasion, have the feeling that there was still something more out there waiting for me. But that was silly, right? I was sure that was my old nature trying to assert itself again. Was I in for a surprise!

God was about to grant me the desires of my heart.

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La Belle Maison (The Beautiful Cement House)

Posted on 04 December 2012 by Kari Gibson

We are living in a beautiful cement house in Pignon, Haiti at Haiti Home of Hope orphanage for two months. We are grateful to the Campbell family for opening up their home and studio cottage for our family. The cement keeps everything cool during the day and night. We have 5 huge windows that wrap around the house with charming, natural shutters (not the fake kind we used to have at our home) and a big porch that looks out over the mountains in the back yard. We have an outside bathroom with American toilets and showers (cold water only!) and two sinks. It reminds us of our favorite campground, except the landscape is lush, tropical, exotic, and rural. It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around that we are in a 3rd world country, tucked safely inside the orphanage walls (cactus trees cut like a privacy fence) We wake up every morning, early to the sounds of 40 beautiful children getting ready for school or playing hard on the weekend. It’s never quite here.

Yesterday, Hannah and I were in the bathroom and she laughed in hysterics when I realized I was sharing the toilet with a big frog who was swimming in the porcelain. I screamed and the frog jumped out to safety. We have a new saying …. This is Haiti. (TIH)

We do lots of chores that are the same in America, but look very different. We can wash our clothes in a washing machine, but no dryer, so we hang the clothes on lines. I always remember my Aunti Marianne telling me the smell of clean clothes drying in the wind is her favorite smell. She was right. I love the fresh smell of our sheets, and towels, and clothes. It takes a long time to hang clothes to dry, but I’m getting it down with helpful tips from the staff. I think I made them giggle at my first attempt, but now I have it down. It takes about fifteen minuets for me to sweep and mop the floors and make the bunks. I love power cleaning in Haiti.

We started decorating our home for Christmas and the bunkbeds make perfect furniture for our trees, tinsel, lights, and stockings. I was so excited to hang icicle lights for the kids. It was important for me to make Christmas special for our family. I think I’m the 1st one to bring icicles to Haiti … I love that!

Our typical day starts off with home school lessons for the girls. I’m finally in the groove and love helping the girls tackle their lessons. Thankfully, Roger helps with Hannah’s algebra and I enjoy the grammar, literature, and her extra curricular “class without walls” helping on clinic day and taking care of baby Lavi. Hannah is doing wonderful and enjoying her out of the box classes. The best part, the girls are done with school before lunch. We eat a simple breakfast of eggs or oatmeal, a large lunch usually with chicken, goat, or beef, and a light dinner of sandwiches. The biggest temptation is all the homemade baking that goes on here. We have some amazing cooks in the house and they love making desserts and cakes and to-die-for meals!

During the week, we work on projects for Haiti Home of Hope and the community. Today, the windows are going up in the “house that love built” and we dedicate their home to the family on Wednesday. I can’t wait to celebrate with the new homeowners!! We will start sharing the gospel with Pastor Clebert Monday through Wednesdays in the evening in Pignon. He’s a wonderful friend, and translator. We started our new Man Up Haiti bible study for the teen boys (10 total) and I’m going to start disciplining the teen girls with Gold theme (they are the queens of Haiti!!) we developed in Uganda and Ethiopia to empower girls to guard their hearts and value their bodies like royalty! Our son joins us in Haiti for Christmas on Dec. 17th .. we can’t wait for him to get here! One of my favorite things about serving at HHH is the fellowship with the missionaries, Bill and Jennifer Campbell … who are celebrating their 10 year anniversary living in Haiti. I pray we can continue to be the best “happy helpers” and energize our friends with fun and friendship!

If you have any questions you want me to answer during our time in Haiti, please leave me a comment and I’ll share. Thank you for supporting, cheering, praying, and loving our family through our 12 month mission-adventure! We are all in this together!


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Don’t Judge Me

Posted on 03 December 2012 by Kari Gibson

I NEED guest bloggers: We all have a story to tell. As followers of Jesus, we are called to boldly share the gospel and what better way than to share your life with other readers. If you have an adoption, missions, or parenting story you want to share on My Crazy Adoption blog please email me at . It’s simple, please submit your story, edited, ready-to-print including photos and your blog URL … I will share guest posts weekly on My Life Is Crazy Too series. If you don’t blog, no worries, you can still share your story. We are living in Haiti, so the internet sometimes acts a little crazy, but I will preview your story and let you know when your guest post will be published.

Your LOVE God, is my song and I’ll sing it! I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are. I’ll never quit telling the story of your love. Psalm 89:1

Every day is an adventure when you serve the Lord. Our family has the incredible opportunity to live and love crazy here in Haiti the next 2 months. Did you know that 40% of our world does not have access to Jesus. As we ride through town (sometimes in the back of Bill’s truck) we have the perfect view of the unreached people groups in the village of Pignon and the surrounding rural villages. If you spot a house with a tall wood flag pole with colorful flags, that’s a witch doctor. They are everywhere. I have heard the national religion in Haiti is voodoo. The flags symbolize the spirits they worship. The suffering and poverty at every single house we pass, reminds me of the importance of keeping my heart and opinions pure. I don’t want to look through western eyes. It would ultimately cause me to judge and that’s the last thing I want to do here. God sent us to simply love. Instead, I want to humble my heart and wrap my arms around the heartache and make a difference with my gifts, talents, and passions God gave me. I always encourage mission teams to pack light, so they can pack heavy the important things that will bring encouragement and compassion to the lost or suffering. When you have the opportunity to serve and share God’s love to the fatherless and valuing others above yourself…. it will change your life and make an impact for the kingdom. Nothing makes a follower of Jesus feel more exalted than to lead someone to Christ, to disciple a new believer, to see a church launched, or, in short, to see the unreached reached. (Robert Houghtalen, Live-Dead missionary in Sudan)

You can be a part of a mission-hearted team to reach the unreached people groups by praying, giving, and going. Find out how at www.live-dead.org.

Please continue to pray for our family in Haiti. We have raised 30% of our 12 month support goals. We need to make 100% before January 2013. That is a big, bold, audacious prayer request.

Gibson family prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the miracle gift of 31 new mattresses and bed-bug covers for the boys dorm at Haiti Home of Hope.
  2. Opportunities to share the gospel to the unreached in Pignon.
  3. Creativity as I home school the girls (preschool & 10th grade)
  4. Discipleship with teen boys (Man Up-Roger) and teen girls (Gold-Kari)

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The House That Love Built

Posted on 30 November 2012 by Kari Gibson

Last January, our Simply Love Haiti team in Pignon met a family who lived in a mud stick house next door to a witch doctor. To make matters worse, the tiny hut leaned to the right, like it would tip over any second. I don’t know if I’ve ever witnesses a family as poor as this one. They let me come in and see the inside… I was so humbled. At the time, my family lived in a 5000 square foot home, and had every imaginable convenience to make living comfortable. This family of 6, including twins, only had one bed and their chickens lived inside, too. Missionaries, Bill and Jennifer Campbell had witnessed to them and they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior … that’s when the miracles started. God began showering this family with favor and blessing. A mission team purchased an acre and half of land for $900 and raised the money to build a new house. (another great example of how powerful short term missions teams are!!) The property has 2 large mango trees, 2 massive avocado trees, banana trees, sugar cane, and rich soil for their garden. Their new neighbors are followers of Jesus and there is a church 200 yards down the dusty road. They are covered in love.

10 months later, I headed over with the building team and saw for the first time their new home. It brought tears to my eyes. The team was here to finish the project, put on the roof and build furniture and beds for the family. I have to admit, I was a little giddy … hugging the family, the neighbors, and team building the dream home. God sold our dream house when we said yes to serving in Haiti. Last night, I was wide awake due to drinking a late coffee with my friend, Jennifer … I had time to think about the things I have had to let go of this year. I miss my stuff, but it’s getting easier every day to thank God for the new stuff in my life. The new ministries we serve, the new provisions He has provided, the new friends, and new opportunities to share the gospel to the unreached people groups. Roger and I lived 20 years of comfortable living and now I’m working on thanking God for the supernatural experiences He has faithfully planned for our God-adventure to live 12 months in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Nicaragua! Our big dream is to encourage (loud cheerleaders) missionaries to serve out-of-the box.. build a new generation of missionaries that will man up and go to all the unreached places.

This is the house that love built. Here are a few photos I took of their old house.

Here are photos of their NEW dream house. More pics coming soon …

There is nothing God loves more than keeping promises, answering prayers, performing miracles, and fulfilling dreams. That is who He is. That is what He does. And the bigger the circle we draw, the better, because God gets more glory. (The Circle Maker)

If you have never been on a short term mission trip, I want to encourage you to dig deep and go. It will change your life forever. I had the opportunity to share the gospel with the people waiting for clinic on Wednesday. The Campbells open their blue gate every week and the mother’s and families come for formula and food distribution, as well as medical care for their children. The community of Pignon is very poor and sometimes, you have only one day to save the life of a baby that is malnurished or sick. Pastor Clebert helped me translate Ephesians 4:4-7 , so I could offer comfort for their spirit, as they waited for physical comfort for their children. I love this verse … and I hope it brings you comfort today, too. There is one body and one Spirit- just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call- one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. But GRACE was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.

Prayer Challenge for the weekend: Would you take time for the next 2 days and pray these requests specifically?

  • Will you pray today that the Holy Spirit will give you courage to boldly take the gospel to the unreached?
  • Begin to pray for an unreached people group. You can search online (www.joshuaproject.net) or buy the Live Dead Journal for unreached people group prayer profiles and find great resources.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would open your eyes to neighbors who may be from places that have no gospel. You may have never seen them in this way before. Ask the Lord to guide you in connecting with them in love to share the gospel.

(3 Prayer Challenges- Live Dead Journal)


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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Posted on 29 November 2012 by Kari Gibson

I woke up this morning on my bunkbed to a light Haitian breeze and sunshine! I love starting off my day thanking the Lord for the great honor of allowing us to serve in Haiti and asking with anticipation what adventure does He have planned today! We finally came up with a [Creole] name for our little studio cottage, Les Belle Maison (which means beautiful cement house.) It takes about 5 minutes to clean and sweep our concrete floors and make our bunks. Hannah mentioned to me that she feels like she’s at camp, including the bugs and lizards and peeper frogs. The only thing missing is our son, Michael who will arrive in Haiti on December 17th for winter break from college. We are so thrilled he’s joining us on our adventure!

Today, Jennifer and I headed back to Pignon Hospital (photo) on the back of a 4 wheeler to donate blood to the Haiti Home of Hope (HHH) clinic mom who has TB and pregnant. She really needs a transfusion to help her gain strength for her delivery coming soon. We entered the crowded hospital for the 2nd time and I started working on my shallow breathing technique. Jennifer has witnessed so many difficult things in the hospital, women having babies on the floor, maggot invested wounds, puddles of body fluid, TB patients and regular patients sleeping all in the same room. We were turned away again from donating, this time for the lab not open on the weekend. We visited the mom and told her we would come back on Monday. As I looked around, it broke my heart to see the conditions and hardships of the people living in Pignon. Life is hard. “Suffering is never without purpose. God takes it all- the pain, the tears, the fear, the confusion, the questions, the doubts- and uses it to build us up in our faith, to help us see who He is, if we trust Him through it all.” (Live-Dead Journal)

We zipped back home bouncing on the back of the ATV. Hannah and I jumped in the truck with Bill and Roger to take supplies to the new building site for a clinic family. I met this family of six back in January living next door to a witch doctor and surviving in a “leaning” mud hut with their twins (wait till you see the before and after photos!) It was the poorest living conditions I’ve ever witnessed anywhere in the world. A mission team donated the cost of land and a new home for this family. Our family gets to be “happy helpers” starting on Tuesday building their dream home. I’m soooo excited!!

We accomplished all this before lunch!

One of the things I love most about living in Haiti is the fellowship with other missionaries. There are a total of 5 adopted Campbell children, and four other people living with the Campbells and multiple teams that come in and out of HHH. We all sit around a big table for meals – Roger mentioned we look like the Walton Family. Jennifer made a huge pot of creamy turkey soup (Thanksgiving leftovers) and we had just set the table for dinner, when there was an interruption outside. Typically, if it was my home, I would be a little miffed if someone dropped by uninvited just before dinner .. I like to eat a hot meal. Inside, I might think … Ain’t nobody got time for that! Thankfully, God always knows the perfect timing, even when the soup is hot. A distraught husband and his 22 year old daughter walked up to the house with broken hearts. Early this morning, his beloved wife and mother to his 5 children had unexpectedly died. The grieving family came to receive formula for the 2 month old baby and asked for the Campbells to take the child. It broke our hearts to see the aftermath of losing a loved one. We all prayed for them and offered to help in any way we could to bring comfort and help with their needs. Wednesday is clinic day, so we are hoping they will bring the baby for extra TLC.

I’m learning that what might look like, through my eyes, as an inconvenience, .. it’s really an opportunity to love big. I want to always have time to help, even if the task is mundane. Last night, Hannah and I had dish duty for the mission team and families … over 20 people makes a lot of dirty dishes. One sink had soapy bleachy water and the other sink, clear bleach water. We started talking about music and friends and movies coming out … the time standing with her was so precious to me. She has been such an example of faithfulness, obedience, and flexibility, and we are proud of our daughter. I don’t necessarily like doing dishes, but I loved being with Hannah.

Please pray for Haiti Home of Hope ministry and the missionaries that serve in Pignon, Haiti. They serve wholeheartedly and love extravagantly 24/7 the community and face hardships and challenges every single day caring for the fatherless. What an honor to have our family here helping with this amazing ministry. Thank you for investing in our family this year, supporting, praying, and cheering us on the mission field.

Next week, we want to start a special project for the boys living here at the HHH orphanage- they desperately need new mattresses and bed-bug covers for comfort and relief. URGENT NEED: 22 twin mattresses + 10 other sizes. We can order on Amazon Wish List and they will ship directly here to us. More info coming soon …



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Missionary Guest Blogger: An Everlasting Name

Posted on 28 November 2012 by Kari Gibson

I’m so honored to introduce you to my dear friend, Jennifer, the missionary we are serving in Pignon, Haiti. She is an inspiring writer and wants to share her time with us living and loving and serving at Haiti Home of Hope orphanage. Her words will break your heart and inspire you to live James 1:27. This is the first time Jen has shared her life in stories with an audience, so please make sure to leave her encouraging words in the comments. Every Wednesday, I will share a new story from our featured guest blogger (10 stories coming!!)

My Life Is Crazy Too is a new series of reader submissions. This is your opportunity to share stories about life, love, and mommyhood to provide understanding, hope, and compassion in the unique situations each of us face every day. Today’s crazy guest is

The events in this story transpired so quickly that Bill and Jennifer never knew the baby girl’s name. Due to the mental condition of the mother, they weren’t sure she had ever even been given a name. Therefore, for this story, we are calling her Baby Girl.

A deacon in our church brought a sick baby and her mom to see me. They called ahead of time but only said that the baby was sick. As soon as I saw Baby Girl, I knew it was bad. She wasn’t more than a year old and suffered from abuse, neglect, and starvation. She weighed maybe ten pounds. Each tiny breath caused her to moan in pain. Whippings had left open, infected wounds on her back. Her little bottom was raw and bleeding from being left in her waste. She had a swollen black eye and numerous other bruises and wounds. Instantly, my heart broke for her.

As I held her in my arms, Bill and I immediately started discussing our options. With no pediatrician at the local hospital, her chances of survival there were slim. The mentally ill mother had inflicted the injuries to the precious baby so we could not send her home. The baby was close to death.

Baby Girl was starving and we knew she needed food. While we talked of where to place her, Bill brought me a bottle of formula. I tried to get her to suck, but she was too weak. We filled a syringe and I placed a few drops of milk in her mouth. She still moaned in pain and struggled to breathe. After a few drops of formula, I began to rock her. I hoped she would rest and keep down the milk. Swaying in my arms, she settled down and drifted off to sleep. I realized this may have been the first time she experienced tenderness and compassion. As she laid there in my arms, as I rocked her and watched her sad face, she simply passed away. I was shocked. Baby Girl was only at HHH for thirty minutes; we hadn’t even had enough time to figure out how to treat her or where to place her.

What an honor to hold her little body as her soul was ushered into Heaven. While her bruised and broken body still lay in my arms, her whole and contented soul rested in the arms of Jesus. Baby Girl’s suffering was over.

We explained to the mom that Baby Girl had passed away and she took the news quietly. Then, as I held the baby, Bill shared the hope of eternal life with the mother, letting her know that Baby Girl was now in the arms of Jesus. He told the mom that she too could have eternal life and one day see her daughter again. The mom bowed her head and prayed. We do not know what happened in that young mother’s heart, but God does.

We could have so easily judged the mom and blamed her for the daughter’s death. However, rather than judgment, Bill extended compassion. Rather than blame, he offered hope. He wanted her to know that God loved her and desired a relationship with her.

The world would condemn such a mother to prison. The neglect and abuse she had inflicted on her daughter would certainly seal her guilty verdict. However, in the eyes of a holy God, her crimes – her sins – are no greater and no less than those committed by any of us. “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it” (James 2:10). Bill’s recognition of the young mother’s need for love, compassion, and hope was a true reflection of the attitude of Christ. Jesus did not look down on us in our sinful state and condemn us to prison. Indeed, our sinful actions had already sealed our own guilty verdicts. “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him” (John 3:17) and “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). His death on the cross frees us from the prison our sin had placed us in and enables us to experience the love of the Father and the hope of eternal life.

The hope of eternal life also awaits Baby Girl who died in innocence before she was old enough to understand forgiveness and salvation. Although she is remembered without a name here on earth, a new name awaits her in heaven. God Himself says, “I will give them an everlasting name that will not be cut off” (Isaiah 56:5).

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Blind Obedience

Posted on 27 November 2012 by Kari Gibson

Our first day at Haiti Home of Hope was slow paced as we unpacked into our wonderful studio cottage on the second floor above the classroom and clinic. Let’s see if I can give you a glimpse of our world – There are five screened windows with wooden shutters and a wrap around porch (completed a few days ago just for Zoie) Our backyard is the mountains and orphanage. There are little green lizards darting across the outside walls begging to come inside. The breezy air gently cools down the cottage all day and night. My favorite thing is hearing the voices of all 40 children waking up in the morning and getting ready for school (6:30am sharp) I can’t believe we’re living here for 2 months … it’s a dream come true. Our girls are relaxed and peaceful here and that makes my mommy heart happy. Zoie jumped right in and started playing with the Campbells two daughters, Lina and Chrissy, as well, as the precious girls that live here in the home. I braided her hair with ribbons to match all her new Haitian princess friends. An added blessing is the 23 year old American, Danielle who lives here full time as a live-in teacher and nanny to many children. Her spirit is compassionate and kind and gentle.. the perfect combination for the mission field and serving at HHH.

Jennifer Campbell invited me to visit the Pignon Hospital and find out what blood type I was to help one of the clinic moms who has TB and 8 months pregnant. She has had to stay at the hospital for 2 months. I had to laugh, jumping right in the cold water and swimming on my first day. I was a little nervous walking inside the crowded hospital, especially when Jen said, “Don’t breath too deep, just take shallow breathes.” What??!! I started to giggle and sucking in too much air! I had no idea how to properly breath shallow so I started puffing lightly and laughing as I prayed for our protection against nasty germs floating around the hospital. Giving blood here is about a 4-5 hour experience, but worth giving life to a mommy who needs extra help giving birth. About 20 minutes waiting in the busy hallway to start the lab work, we were told to come back tomorrow. TIH

I think one of the biggest challenges going on the mission field is constantly battling fears. As a mom, I fear that my kids won’t be safe or exposed to dangers I don’t have any control over. We have had a few people voice their “beef” with us about taking the girls to Haiti. The only thing we can do is thank them for their love and concern, but as parents stand firm in our belief that God has called us for this season to serve as missionaries and share the gospel to the unreached. Matthew 16:25, John 12:24, Matthew 19:29 brings my heart peace, humbleness, and clarity. They ground me with perspective for living well. Yes, there is much to fear living in a 3rd world country. Things that could happen to our family cause me to lose focus and feel afraid. But we made a decision to – do it afraid!!!! I love these words from missionary, Amy Cleveland who lives with her husband and 3 children in Somalia: I know there are costs, some I can see right in front of me, some I don’t see or never will. I am the bride of Christ! What joyful life do I have if not to take my children where my Lord brings me? For me there is no choice or thought of choice. I am His. (Live-Dead Journal) I can’t think of a better place in the world to have our children join us for a God-adventure … this beats any prom, mall outing, or going to the movies. Together we are serving the Lord and sharing the gospel to the lost.

“Jesus says, “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or field for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.” Matt. 19:29

God has proven Himself over and over again in our lives. He has opened up supernatural doors for our family to walk through. I have experience some of the greatest days of my life and some of the most challenging. I will not allow my heart to be manipulated by the fear “feelings” or other people’s negative opinions or the evil one as we walk in obedience. It’s impossible for me to explain why God called our family after 20 years living a very comfortable, safe, convenient, easy life-style to give it all up for missions. But, He did ask, and we said yes.

Do you have the courage for God to move in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways? If you are not open to the unprecedented, you will repeat history. If you are open to the unprecedented, you will change history. The difference is prayer. (The Circle Maker)

If you would like to follow our Gibson family mission-adventure newsletter, please sign up here. Support us with your prayers and cheers as we are His hands and feet in Haiti for the next 2 months. We can’t wait to see what God has planned for our family… living out-of-the-box missions! Your Love God is my song, and I’ll sing it! I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are. I’ll never quit telling the story of your Love. Psalm 89:1 If you are supporting Simply Love Haiti … I will be blogging and sharing photos as often as I can so you can see where every penny is going to love and serve big!!

If you would like to invest in our mission-adventure and give a one-time gift or monthly contribution to our non-profit ministry, Simply Love: : donations are tax deductible

  1. OPERATION: HAITI (Paypal)

Simply Love

National Christian Foundation
706 North Lindenwood Drive
Olathe, Kansas 66062

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Simply Love Haiti – We Made It!!!!!!

Posted on 23 November 2012 by Kari Gibson

I’m sitting here on Day 1 living in Pignon, Haiti celebrating Thanksgiving Day!!! We made it!! The American Airlines flights were boring and non-eventful (yay!) We landed in Port-au-Prince and all 8 of our bags made it off, too! There was a wonderful driver, Johnson who met us as we stepped out of the airport. He was holding a sign with our names, Roger & Kari Gibson. What a blessing to have so many friends who helped with every step of the way for our family to arrive safely in Haiti. We drove a short distance to MAF and boarded a small Cessna plane for a 25 minute flight up the mountains with stunning views welcoming us with arms open wide.

We are serving as “Happy Helpers” with the Campbell family for the next 2 months at their ministry, Haiti Home of Hope. They run a weekly medical clinic and parents to 40 orphans. They have two beautiful adopted daughters, Lina and Chrissy who have a big collection of doll houses and girlie toys. Zoie looked at me and said, “I like Haiti.” I can’t wait for you to fall in love with my friend, … she will be my guest blogger with me here in Haiti. She’s the “mama” to all 40 children and one of my biggest heroes!

Our family jumped right into things when we arrived to Pignon. There were women still waiting with their infants for clinic and mother’s milk program. One grandmother was holding a tiny infant who lost his mother a few weeks ago from Cholera. She was there to receive help and formula for the baby boy. I could see the desperation in her eyes when she asked Jennifer to keep the baby. It broke my heart knowing this grieving grandmother was now going to be the mother of her grandson. Life is so hard.

What a joy and privilege it is for us to have our daughters here serving with us in Haiti. God has provided ministry opportunities and keeping His promises, answering prayers, performing miracles, and fulfilling dreams. Celebrating Thanksgiving Day here in Haiti has opened up my heart to so many things I’m thankful for. He has provide a home all over the world for my family, fellowship, caring friends, and support as we serve and love Him. The beautiful mountains behind our little cottage, that we will call home for the next 2 months makes my heart dance. We are living our big dreams and drawing prayer circles… and “the bigger the circle you draw the more foolish you’ll feel. But, if you aren’t willing to step out of the boat, you’ll never walk on water. If you aren’t willing to circle the city, the wall will never fall. And if you aren’t willing to follow the star, you’ll miss out on the greatest adventure of your life. In order to experience a miracle, you have to take a risk.” (The Circle Maker)

It’s hard to believe all the hard work raising support and sharing our mission at local churches helped fund our 2 months in Haiti. It was an impossible quest, but God was faithful. I want to personally thank James River Assembly, Woodland Hills Family Church, Hope Community Church, Ohio Home Church and the many mission-hearted people (YOU!!) who have invested in our family mission-adventure this year. This would be impossible without your support, prayers, and cheers. We are learning, as we are living each day on the mission field to live out-of-the-box.

Many of you have asked how you can help … we are grateful for your contributions and monthly gifts! We still need 32 people to give $50 a month until September 2013, as well as one-time gifts for our living expenses throughout the year. Click here to read how you can give to Simply Love Ministry online or with a check. All gifts are tax deductible. We continue to circle our 12 month support goals and trusting God to provide all our needs. We want to work hard as we serve in Haiti and beyond in Nicaragua and Ethiopia caring for orphans and sharing the gospel to the unreached people groups.

I will work really hard to blog 5 times a week and keep you updated on the exciting things happening in Haiti. God sold our home when we said yes. I hope you will join me on My Crazy Adoption Blog as we watch together God do the impossible and simply trust His Spirit to do in us what we cannot do in ourselves. (Live Dead Journal)

If you have any questions about adoption or missions, please leave a comment for me. Your comments will be my life-line here for fellowship in blog land.

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My Bloggy Sabbatical is Over (a letter to you)

Posted on 26 September 2012 by Kari Gibson

Dear My Crazy Adoption bloggy friends,

It’s been almost a month since I’ve been able to write a blog post… literally write a post, due to crazy internet connection in Africa. I have missed you. I have missed blogging. I have missed Wi-Fi. I have missed sharing my stories with you. I wanted to write YOU a letter, dear friends, to update you on my crazy life. So, please sit down and grab a cup of buna (coffee) and let’s chat awhile.

We spent 110 days living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and had the time of our lives. It was the best summer, the best memories, and the best days spent serving and loving the community of Korah, the birthplace of our daughter, Zoie Senait. We had the incredible opportunity to live and serve at the EGH (Ethiopia Guest Home) and Mission Ethiopia ministry. The generosity and kindness and extraordinary service of the staff makes it an honor to promote them here on my blog as the ONLY place in Addis Ababa I will recommend to stay for all your adoption, missions, or travel accommodations!!! They received an A+ score from every single member of my family and super nanny. Zoie even gave them 5 stars!!! There are 6 guest houses, and 115 incredible staff members that know how to make your travels safe and sleep sweet!! If you need to book a room or 2 … please contact Dave Mcllrath

The ministries we served in Korah welcomed our family and opened their hearts to allow us to serve big. We want to thank Mission Ethiopia, Project 61, Great Hope Charity, , Visiting Orphans, and Ethiopia Guest Home for embracing our Gibson Family Mission’s Adventure!! We are prayerfully returning to Addis Ababa in February 2013 to finish off the adventure with a bang working on our Simply Love and Man Up projects. (will share more soon) If you want to support our family this year, you can donate to our NEW Simply Love Ministry here.

We want to thank you for praying and supporting our family … helping us raise (on facebook) over $7,000 for OPERATION: MERCY in 48 hours!!! Some of you, in lieu of birthday presents, raised funds for flights- thank you Stephen and Wynne Elder!! Mercy is currently living with our family and wait until you here her medical miracles!! God has done a radical miracle in her life and I can’t wait to post and share her story of redemption and healing!! We are so honored to be a tiny part of this mighty miracle! We want to personally thank Julie Neal and family for championing her medical appointments and the White family for hosting her for a month!!

We are [now] back in the states for 2 months, until we start Part 2 of our mission adventure starting in November!! We will live 2 months in Pignon, Haiti serving our missionary friends, the at Haiti Home of Hope (HHH) This was the reason for God selling our home. Read here. We can’t wait to see why God wanted our family in Haiti.

In the next few weeks, I want to go back in time and share stories from my Simply Love mission trip, as well as the inspiring stories of the day to day life on the mission field. The opportunities to share the gospel to the unreached people groups have radically changed our lives, as a family. We give God ALL the glory and thank Him for the opportunity to love and live dead in Ethiopia and Haiti.

“My response is to get down on my knees before the Father, this magnificent Father who parcels out all heaven and earth. I ask him to strengthen you by his Spirit—not a brute strength but a glorious inner strength—that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite him in. And I ask him that with both feet planted firmly on love, you’ll be able to take in with all followers of Jesus the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.” (Ephesians 3: 16-19 MSG)

Please join our family praying for His favor and blessings and provisions as we start moving forward in faith, serving  and loving big in Haiti. We’re all in this together!!

I love you,

Mama Kiki

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The Gibson’s Biggest Adventure!!!!!!!!!

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The Gibson’s Biggest Adventure!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 09 May 2012 by Kari Gibson

I started writing this post and started crying. I hope I can get through this without making a fool out of myself sitting at Panera. This is the biggest blog announcement I’ve ever made and I’m crazy nervous to share with you. It’s not that I don’t think you’ll fall out of your chair when you read it, but that I won’t do a good job sharing my heart.

We are moving as a family to Haiti starting November 20, 2012!!!!!!!

We thought we had it all planned out. For the past two years, we’ve desired to go on the mission field in Ethiopia. We never wavered asking Him to open the door for us to serve with our brothers and sisters who sacrifice so much in Zoie’s birthplace. We wanted to give back. I even had a dream of our home and outdoor kitchen complete with a wood burning fire. I woke up thinking, “Seriously Jesus, I could totally cook on that.” We definitely had peace about the mission plan, but we didn’t know that God had mapped out a different route on the way to Africa. Our first stop is Haiti!!!!!!!!! Roger has never even been to Haiti, but he fell in love with the bonus gift God placed in our path. It was a blessing we couldn’t resist, it was THE key to the miracle God had already set in motion.


We are deeply humbled that the most incredible missionaries, Bill and Campbell have opened their hearts and their home in Pignon to allow us to come and serve as “happy helpers” at Haiti Home of Hope. As you know, I took a Visiting Orphans team to Pignon in January and God broke my heart- literally. I was overwhelmed with the ministry who cares for a community that works 24 hours a day just to live, eat, and survive. I will re-post my stories from Haiti and hopefully (you too) will fall in love with this beautiful little village called Pignon. Hannah and Zoie will spend 2 months with us in Haiti and our son, Michael will join us there for Christmas. Upon graduation he will attend Missouri State University and study broadcast journalism. He’s starting his new adventure.

Reading the Live Dead Journal, one statement jumped out for both, Roger and me. Continue Reading

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Baby Julie Needs Your Urgent Prayers {Haiti}

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Baby Julie Needs Your Urgent Prayers {Haiti}

Posted on 16 February 2012 by Kari Gibson

One of my favorite days in Pignon, Haiti was meeting Baby Julie and her family. They live 15 miles from Haiti Home of Hope and walk every Wednesday to clinic day for formula and food and care. Baby Julie has some special needs and her family loves her very much. Life is so hard in rural Pignon, it was difficult for me to wrap my heart around how very difficult it was for this family to care for her needs. The entire family are followers of Jesus and greeted us with such warmth and kindness to their home. We had brought several gifts for the family, as well as bottles for Julie to help her drink easier without effort. Thank you again everyone who sent monetary donations for formula and bottles for Julie. It was so fun to go shopping with my mom the night before I left for Haiti and bought Julie two adorable outfits. I will never forget Julie’s mommy’s face when she opened up her gift- pure joy!

I was so touched holding this precious baby and knowing God was taking care of all her needs. Our team has helped organized her surgery for cleft palate repair and can’t wait to see her grow and thrive.

I want to challenge you to wrap your heart around Haiti … please!! There are many organizations that you can sponsor a child from Haiti, as well as go and minister! If you can love big, give hugs, pass out food, organize crafts, pound a hammer, hold hands, bring hope, pray, sing, and dare to try new things, you are EXACTLY what Haiti needs! I promise, your heart will never be the same.

We received an update today on Julie and she needs our fervent prayers! Julie and her mother are both in the hospital with cholera. This is SO SERIOUS … please pray for God’s protection and healing!

Please share this with your blog friends … spread the word to pray for Julie!





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