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What is Simply Love? To bless women & orphans heart, soul, mind, & strength by partnering with bloggers, adoptive families, and organizations to be a part of the solution of living James 1:27 by trusting steadily in God, hoping unswervingly, & loving extravagantly.

I love the craziness of life, mommyhood, and loving big.  The definition of “my crazy adoption” means kari and zoiemany things to me personally.  My life has been full of joy, challenges, miracles, pain, and crazy adventures.  I am adopted by God, married to the man of my dreams, blessed mom to three crazy kids, and wildly passionate about adoption, missions, and orphan care!  I jumped into blogging 6 years ago and love sharing my life with you.  My desire is to be full-time mommy and adoption coach at any stage of your journey.  I want my blog to provide you support, cheers, encouragement, and hope through parenting and your adoption process.  I want to help guide you to the best services for adoption and link you with other adoptive families from domestic, international, and foster care at Adoption 101. I hope I can inspire you to GO and visit orphans on the mission field. Click here if you want to learn more about fundraising for your adoption, mission trips, or orphan care projects with Simply Love & Man Up products.

My site is faithfully updated five days a week with interesting, thoughtful, and crazy content. Relationships (with you!) and connections with other bloggers have been cultivated all over blog-land. The readers at My Crazy Adoption are an interactive group of like-minded individuals who visit regularly, read, contribute their comments and participate in blog events.

I feature guest bloggers at My Life Is Crazy Too and share real stories that will inspire you to make a difference in our whole wide world. We are ALL called to simply love.



Crazy men and women who are dedicated to family, parenting, orphan care, and adoption.  My readers are equally as passionate about helping, cheering, praying, encouraging, advocating, and challenging others to advocate for the fatherless.  They are bold and radical about exemplifying a life that is NOT ABOUT YOU!  They radically live James 1:27!  You can spot my readers anywhere- mostly due to wearing Simply Love & Man Up tee shirts that make a bold statement. They are joyful, humorous, energetic and crazy about love and life!



Respectful of reader’s time and always careful to share relevant content, My Crazy Adoption covers parenting, adoption, missions, and orphan care topics that relate to the theme “celebrating love, mommyhood, and life” with humor and encouragement. Click on the links and read more …


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