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Gibson 3 Update

Posted on 28 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

Heart of a lion, spirit of joy, loves life to the fullest
driving, driving & more driving
A’s & B’s
coolest freshman
hilarious comedian
motto-strong man stands up for himself
stronger man stands up for others!!
passion for the Lord & golf:)
**golf tryouts on Monday- only 3 spots open

Quiet spirit, gentle heart, never gives up!!!
music, music & more music
A’s & B’s
super-size patience
faithful to pray
Adores family
Grandpa dates.
passion for the Lord & books

Z-13 mo
new words: doggie, up, hot, hi & bye
2 new molars…almost
gives hugs
1 nap

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Zoie Senait meets Rahel Scout

Posted on 26 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

(click to make bigger:)

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Zoie sat on a snake???

Posted on 25 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

I swear I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Its *BEAUTIFUL* outside today & warm. I took Zoie to the front yard & plopped her down on the grass. All of a sudden a baby snake slithered out from under her pink bottom. AWWWWWWW I about freeeeked out!!! Zoie had no idea how creepy that was:)))

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Mommy feels a rock star!!

Posted on 25 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

Today I feel like a rock star. My sweet Zoie has been sick with a cold, teething & developed a nasty rash on her face. She is also dealing with separation anxiety.
She follows me everywhere, she waves her arms….crying or screaming for me. She stalks me outside the bathroom door & desires me to hold her all day long. Forget about chores…its a little hard to vacuum or scrub the sinks with my #1 fan holding on to my leg.
Hence the feeling….she thinks mommy is a rock star:)))

I’d love any advice on simple, healthy steps we can do to reassure Zoie & continue to encourage positive bonding & attachment!!

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Happy Fat Tuesday *photos*

Posted on 24 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

A fat baby wants to say…Happy Fat Tuesday:)

I have a really cooool Cajun friend…Jaime from Baton Rouge, LA!!
She is praying today is FAT with lots of referrals for our AW families!!!
Laissez les bon temps rouler…can you translate?

See if you can say ALL these words today…hey, you have all day:)
*beb sweetheart, darlin
*Boo honey
*Chat Go away cat
*conson underwear
*coo-yon foolish, stupid; Stop being coo-yon
*fais do-do go to sleep
*chot a little, short pony tail
*Grand Beedè Big clumsy man
*make the veiller( vay-yay) Spend the evening talking with friends
*poo-yee-yi That stinks!

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Are you a Slumdog fan?

Posted on 23 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

Bloggy friends, have you see Slumdog Millionaire?
It felt like we were watching the children of Addis Ababa….we saw so many familiar faces in the courageous children surviving life of poverty in Ethiopia.
I’d love to hear your comments…

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LOST Untangled

Posted on 18 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

Are you gonna be watching this with me tonight??

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Happy *Simply Love* Day!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 14 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

Bloggy friends,
Thanks for all your cheers, support & prayers for our family!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Can you share one thing that you are grateful for today?

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Hilarious madness in the world of adoption:)))

Posted on 11 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

An AW ET friend *Jamie from LA* wrote this hilarious post on adoption. I had to show it off…hey, my name made the list:)))
If you are adopting…you will enjoy & understand the madness!!

You might be Adopting from Ethiopia if….
*You have a blog.
*Most people who read your blog are also adoptive parents.
*Your family has been compared to Brad and Angelina’s by people you don’t really know.
*You have considered getting an epidural for dossier preparation.
*You have ever yelled at a USCIS worker.
*You have ever asked your Senator to yell at a USCIS worker.
*You spend more time on Yahoo Group than watching TV.
*You think a NAG is a good thing.
*You are starting to use acronymns for everything (ET, YG, NAG, DTE, TTD, DH, BTDT, RR).
*You have Kari’s phone #, and you’re not afraid to use it!:)))
*You can tear up in church at the CCLI words at the bottom of the screen because they read “Billy/Cindy Foote”.
*You email Pete when you have computer problems as if he is your personal Tech Support.
*You consider Steven Curtis Chapman like a long lost member of your family.
*You know your exact # in line (well, OF COURSE not counting mystery families).
*You say the words “mystery families” with a growl as if they have personally done you some bodily harm.
*You have ever called a forty-something woman a granny to her face and she considered it a complement.:)))
*You have a lot of Facebook friends that you have never met…but you have written encouragement on their pages, and cheered them on as they’ve brought their babies home.
*You kind of enjoyed getting your shots, because it meant you were one step closer to Africa.
*You, at all times, are able to calculate the time in Addis Ababa.
*You enjoy telling people that your “18 months pregnant” and complaining of back aches.
*You have pregnancy cravings which your hubby indulges.
*You have more Adoption fundraiser T-shirts than you have underwear.
Thanks Jamie for the LOL!!!xoxo

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We LOVE you from head to toe!

Posted on 10 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

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Happy 7 months Gotcha Day Zoie!!!

Posted on 07 February 2009 by Kari Gibson

(ZiZi & GiGi-BFF’s)
Happy 7 months home baby girl… have *rocked* our world:)))
She loves all her names…Zoie, ZoZo, ZiZi & Lolo
Here’s a quicki update…we think she’s Miss Awesome!!!!

Zoie is….
crawling & cruising
saying all kinds of words…
dada, mama, sisssy, buubbbb & lots of joyful babbles

pushing, pulling & piling up her toys
big belly laughs & ticklish from head to toes, music & dancing
eats all new foods…pancakes, fruits, tiny cheese sandwiches, yogurt, pastas, mini turkey dogs, pumpkin muffins & scones:)…but VERY picky. Especially loves Iams dog kibbles…ugh!! sneeeeky girl invades Tate’s dish & splashes in his water.
Explores, disables drawer contents, giggles, sings & tears magazines
giddy about books, siblings & Target runs
Doesn’t like naps, initial car seat strap-in, hats, Grandpa’s stuffed fish & turkey…verrrry scary!!

Bloggy friends…thanks for your cheers & support!!!!

(got hair:)

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