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Adoption Guest Blogger: The Wonder of God’s Plan

Posted on 06 December 2012 by Kari Gibson

My Life Is Crazy Too is a new series of reader submissions. This is your opportunity to share stories about life, love, and mommyhood to provide understanding, hope, and compassion in the unique situations each of us face every day. Today’s crazy guest is Katie Daniels. Her blog is private for family and friends.

The “Wonder of God.”  What exactly does wonder mean?  According to Google, wonder is:

  • a feeling of surprise
  • mingled with admiration
  • caused by something beautiful,
  • unexpected,
  • unfamiliar
  • or inexplicable

That definition has some very strong words and it fits with our adoption story perfectly.  The wonder of God’s plan for our family.If you would have talked with me four years ago I would have told you that we were done having kids. . . well, I was done.  We had three beautiful children and I felt that we were good.  Three was enough, right? Then in the wonder of God’s plan, inexplicably, I began to have feelings well up inside me from seeds that were planted years ago.

See, when I was around eight, I saw this baby doll at a craft show and I just had to have her.  Not because of some childish want. . . no, it was as if she were mine already.

Unexpectedly, hundreds of miles away a little boy, also about eight, happened to be on a family vacation with cousins from out of town who had recently adopted.  During this time God planted seeds in his heart as well.  Of course this little boy was my now husband, Dave.  If you were to ask him today, he would tell you that at this young age he knew without a doubt that he would adopt one day.

Isn’t it beautiful how God lays things on the hearts of children and they have the faith to not question? Now, jump ahead to middle school and high school where research projects and opinion papers gave voice to those seeds that God planted.  I would have told you then that I wanted to adopt from EVERY country.  My own little United Nations as my mom recalls it.

Dave and I met some years later on the campus of GVSU both very much certain that God was calling us to adopt one day. As our relationship grew we talked of adopting as well as having biological children of our own.  Well, we were married and did have children. . . 3 beautiful biological children.

What many don’t know about my story is that after our first child, Korah Beth, was born I questioned God’s plan to grow our family through adoption.  I tried to bury the desires I once had.  Why, I’m not entirely sure, but I know it had a lot to do with fear. Those of you who have had children know the love a mother has for a child.  It is unlike any other.  I feared that I could not love a child that I did not carry in my womb for nine months as much as I loved the child I had.  I voiced that concern to Dave.  Talk of adoption ceased.

We had Nathan Ezra twenty months later, then Silas a few years after that.  With each child I was amazed at how one  person can love so much, so deeply.

After we had Silas I felt as if we should be done.  I was able to tell myself this for a while but soon I was overwhelmed with the feeling  that we needed one more….after all our house wasn’t full, something. . someone, was missing.  So, we went about trying to conceive another child.  But, to be honest, something just wasn’t right.  I didn’t know why and I felt somewhat guilty but I realized that I did NOT want to carry or birth another baby.  We took a break from it all and tried to determine if indeed, our family was complete after all.

Time passed.  Then, one Sunday morning, some families who had fostered and adopted spoke at church.  I had feelings of admiration for these families and it was as if those seeds, planted years ago, were bursting up desiring the sun. I couldn’t deny that they were there.  I pondered these thoughts and feelings privately and began doing some “secret” research on adoption. . agencies, countries. . Although this world of adoption was unfamiliar to me, I knew I belonged in it.

Finally, after a few weeks of research and prayer I posed the question to  Dave.  We had gone to bed late but I could no longer hold inside what I felt God was whispering in my ear.  I quietly asked, “Do you ever still think about adopting?”  His response, “I’ve never stopped.”

There was a long pause and I replied, “I think I might be kinda ready.”

You might have expected Dave to be caught off guard – not prepared for what I had asked.  It had been about six years since the two of us had seriously discussed adoption. However, just the opposite was true.  While I had tried, and partially succeeded  in burying what I knew was God’s plan for our family. . . He simply couldn’t.  His daily prayer had been for God to take the desire of adoption from him or to bring the desire back to me.

From that moment until now our adoption journey has contained many moments and feelings of surprise mingled with admiration caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable…. wonder.
And yes, I did find that I could deeply love a child that didn’t grow under my heart . . .  for she grew in it.

I could go on and on about God’s presence throughout our  adoption.  I guess that as they say is another story.

So, my question for you, as children who were adopted into God’s family is. . . What seeds are you carrying that need the light of the SON, God’s Wonder, to shine on?

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Crazy Adoption Month: Who Picks Who?

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Crazy Adoption Month: Who Picks Who?

Posted on 07 November 2011 by Kari Gibson

November is National Adoption Month, a time to raise awareness about the adoption of children and youth from foster care. In honor of Orphan Sunday and Adoption Awareness, I’m thrilled to share some amazing adoption stories from bloggers and posts to inspire you to open your hearts to adoption and orphan care. This month, you can WIN a mission trip to visit orphans here. Every single purchase of a Missions Giveaway tee will touch the life of an orphan in 13 countries all over the world. You can be a part of changing the life of a child and the winner- together!

I hope you find encouragement as you read “Who Picks Who” one of my favorite and most difficult posts to write. We are grateful to celebrate adoption and the miracle God gave us- our precious daughter Zoie Senait.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • Do I pick adoption or does adoption pick me?
  • How do I know if I’m really called to adopt?
  • Is adoption right for me?
  • Will I have an “Ah Ha” moment?

Well, how do you know if you should adopt? You might be feeling in your heart to adopt, but your head is thinking, “God, adoption? Do you know how many details I would have to work on?” I have been asked many times how does this big ‘”Ah-ha” happen… the exact moment when you knew adoption was the right thing for you to do?  Every adoption story is different and personal and unique.  We all have expectations for how we think life will play out, and we all hope those plans will become realities.  But, what happens when God calls us to do something crazy out of the ordinary?  What do we do when the “ah ha” is too big and too scary and too risky?

Adoption is not for everyone, I understand that we all have different callings, gifts, talents and passions.  James 1:27 “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”  We are all called to do something, to take care of orphans…whether it’s sponsoring a child, missions, foster care, financial, or adoption.  This is my adoption story, the one God wrote for Roger and I… a story we had no idea how it would play out or end.

It’s difficult for me to look back in time at my own personal journey to adopt Zoie, but if my story can help encourage or point you in the right direction, it’s worth it to me.  In 1999, my heart was finally healing over the loss of our son and the craziness of having a 26 week old micro-preemie, who was now a healthy three year old.  I loved being a mommy and desired to expand our family through adoption.  My biggest hurdle was convincing Roger that we should adopt.  It seemed like such an easy question, but it had taken me a long time to find the courage to ask.  I had no idea how he would respond.  I will never forget the day I asked my hubby, “Do you want to adopt?”  In 0.2 seconds, Roger said, “Nope.” Okay, perhaps he did not hear understand what I was referring to, so I asked the same question in a different way. This time I knew he heard, because his reply was even more accelerated this time, “No, I’m sorry, but adoption is just not for me!”  I asked if he would pray about it and he said he would, but I think he said that just to put an end to the conversation.  I never spoke to him about adoption again.  A simple question, turned into a dangerous surrender of my heart.

Three years later, my hubby out of the blue asked me a question that totally caught me off guard, “Do you still want to adopt?”  My mouth dropped, I was speechless.  I remember stuttering and laughing and choking out the words- “are you serious?”  I couldn’t believe that God had answered my prayers in such an extraordinary way, but it was three years later and so much had changed in my life.  My children were older and life was feeling easier and calmer and quieter- they were both in school.  I wasn’t so sure anymore if adoption was “our thing” so I told him lets give it some time and think about it.  How could it be possible that my heart wasn’t willing, and my reasons were so shallow.  I struggled constantly asking, “God, why are you bothering me with this?”  I had shared my desire to adopt several times during my “hiatus” with my mom, my best friend and others – they all said the same thing… are you crazy?!  Fear had settled into my heart.  Fear to not do something radical and unfamiliar.  I did not know a single person in my community that had adopted a child… I was clueless about the adoption process.  I believed that without the blessing from my hubby, family and friends I would never have the courage to adopt.  It was a case closed in fear.

It’s crazy I know, but God cracked opened the case files.  He urgently prompted Roger and I to move forward with adoption.  I know that sounds really strange, but I can only explain how it happened for us.   Our “Ah ha” moment came six years later after my original request.  Our breakthrough was an adorable, spunky nine year old who became our family ambassador.  She begged and prayed and pleaded and nagged and insisted we adopt a baby.  We came up with brilliant excuses, but our daughter, Hannah was relentless.  We loved being a mom and dad, wanted to expand our family, but how in the world were we going to know if we heard His voice and make the right decision for our family?  We started praying for clarification, neon signs flashing, anything to help us know what to do.  Our son pretty much thought we’d lost our marbles- even told us we were “whacked,” but we committed to prayer.  We prayed and prayed for two years, but still fear was our worst enemy.  We were scared to death and it made us feel paralyzed to make the final decision to adopt.  We finally had several friends who had adopted or were in the process of adopting, but we just couldn’t move forward.

What do you do when you are afraid?  Anxiety means, A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties. Fear was flat out keeping us from doing the work God had planned in our lives.  We started hanging up verses all over the house.  Our favorite was Philippians 4:6-7 and we claimed that verse and spoke it out loud every chance we had.  There are too many crazy stories to tell you, but when we finally wrote out a check to an adoption agency, AWAA (awaa.org) and filled out the application to start our adoption to China, we were overcome with thrills, chills and slight nausea.  This was it… we knew there was no turning back.  We were surrendering our inconveniences, expectations, dreams, hopes and family to jump in faith and obey God’s voice.  We had to trust He had a plan for our lives that would lead us to a place of peace.

Do you get it?  Adoption picked us.  It picked us and it wrecked our lives for the better.  We are a part of something so much bigger and its not about us. We are crazy in love with our children, advocating for adoption, orphan ministry and encouraging other families to step into the world of adoption or foster care.  At first, we avoided God’s call and then surrendered to His plans.  He never let go of us and He will guide you, too. John 14:18 “No, I will not abandon you as orphans—I will come to you.” He can and will provide for you-and for what He has called you to do.  He never leads us where he will not sustain us- The manna will come!

In an upcoming post, Adoption 101: Joy Opportunity Lost, my hubby and I discuss what happens when you are called to adopt and you miss the opportunity.  This is for the doubters, the stumblers, the procrastinators, the “I’m still think’n about it”, the excuse makers, the runners and the “God, are you talking to me?”  Roger and I tried them all out for many years and I want to help eliminate the danger of you missing out on God-breathed adoption miracles.

I’d love to hear your “Ah Ha” moments when adoption picked you.  Please share your breakthroughs in the comments with me.

Great story of a mom who struggled with the term “just adopt

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1 tee = 1 entry to win a mission trip!

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Crazy Guest Blogger #10 – A Grandpa’s Love 4 Adoption

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Crazy Guest Blogger #10 – A Grandpa’s Love 4 Adoption

Posted on 27 July 2010 by Kari Gibson

“How do you fall in love with a picture?”
That is the question Kari Gibson asked after she had seen an on line photograph of Zoie, who is now a part of Gibsons’ “forever family.”

Our daughter Rebecca Blitch and her husband Vernon could have asked the same question. Their several years quest to find a child ended when they saw pictures of Yonatan and Fetlework on a web site. The children were half a planet away, in Ethiopia. They hadn’t considered two ‘til then.

Excitement, fear, and a thousand what if’s. Can there be too many grandchildren?  Carol and I think not.

Nearly fifty years ago when we were expecting our second child it seemed our hearts were so full. “Could there be room for another?”

God expanded those hearts many times. Two more children and a bunch’a grandchildren later it seemed our heart expansion time had come to an end. God wasn’t finished.

How does one describe the past three and a half years? Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz the memories whirl ‘round, spin out the top and are replaced by others.

Hugs and frowns; walking and looking for wildlife; planting watering and harvesting in the garden; helping Memaw in the kitchen; learning vocabulary; Ethiopian dance by the fire; sliding at ‘Whitewater; swimming in the cold creek; queen waves.

More hugs…………are there ever enough?

Memaw teaching Fetle to sew; Yonatan in a world all his own, dancing his happy Ethiopian shoulder dance. Swinging on the big rope swing.

Soccer and basketball, victories and………….sometimes not.

Cuts and bruises; snuggling on the sofa; hair braiding; special times eating Ethiopian cuisine.

Field trips and grandparents day lunch at school.

Like a balloon that will never burst the expansion continues. Will there be more?……………….

Ain’t God good?



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Happy Gotcha Day Princess Zoie

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Happy Gotcha Day Princess Zoie

Posted on 07 July 2010 by Kari Gibson

Zoie, we are amazed that you have been a part of our family for two years today!!!  You are our princess and have been our dream come true.  Your sparkle and zip for life keeps us all hopping and grateful for God’s gift of high energy.  We are crazy in love with you from head to toe.

We love you, from mommy and daddy…

Our Gotcha Day Video 2008

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Adoption 101: Ethiopia Adoption Program

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Adoption 101: Ethiopia Adoption Program

Posted on 03 June 2010 by Kari Gibson

Survey for U.S. Adoption Service Providers Placing Children from Ethiopia

The number of adoptions and the number of service providers in Ethiopia has greatly increased in the last few years, and uncertainty about existing laws and inconsistent policy among various agencies has caused confusion within the adoption community. Ethica receives numerous requests for information about agency practices in Ethiopia.

In the interest of advancing transparency in adoptions in Ethiopia, in February 2010, Ethica invited the 24 U.S. agencies that are licensed by the Ethiopian Government to provide information about their Ethiopia program by taking part in a survey.  Agencies were asked to complete all or any portion that they wished of a series of questions about their Ethiopian adoption program.  The deadline to provide responses was extended to March 25, 2010.

Ethica thanks those Adoption Service Providers who took the time to respond to the survey.  Ethica also thanks our volunteer, Andrea, for her tremendous effort in administering the survey.  Survey responses (.pdf)  are listed below by agency name and responses are published as submitted.

I wanted to thank Michelle for sending me this article- Ethica website.

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Posted on 01 April 2010 by Kari Gibson

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!! heeeheeee heee Just Kidding!!!!

Just a little crazy adoption humor for you today!!!

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January Adoption Family: The Weimer 12 (3+3+3+1)

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January Adoption Family: The Weimer 12 (3+3+3+1)

Posted on 06 January 2010 by Kari Gibson

I have truly NEVER heard an adoption story quite like this family.  They will literally inspire the socks right off your feet.  I met Heidi (super mom) 2 years ago when we first started our journey.  I was a complete bloggy stranger, but she took the time often to encourage me.  I mean, really encourage me!!  The Weimer family are my adoption heroes- all 11 of them + one on the way- congrats Weimers on your big news!  Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the promo video for their special documentary coming soon.  I promise – you will be inspired!

A special quote from Heidi:

We are often asked WHY? Why would we adopt THREE kids, more-less SIX kids? Why would we do this? Why devote our lives to this “cause” (if you can truly even call it that).
Here’s why:

  • Because we believe that this life is not our own.
  • Because we believe that in the end, it won’t matter what career ladders we climbed or financial investments we made or what gadgets we could afford. It will matter that six lives were saved.
  • Because we have seen hopelessness firsthand in Ethiopia and elsewhere, but believe in all hope that each child is a child of God.
  • Because we believe that the orphaned street child who plays street soccer on the rough pavement of the streets of Addis Ababa is no less valuable to the Creator than the polished child on a suburban soccer team here in America.
  • Because we see nothing more worthy of our focus, time, resources, and lives.
  • Because injustice is a wrong worth righting.
  • Because the poor child is still a child.
  • Because we know that, while adoption is not the solution in and of itself to the orphan crisis 143 million times over, we have seen with our own lives how it rescues the lives of those who can be adopted.
  • Because we believe that Jesus died for redemption, not just for eternity, but for our lives on this planet and we believe we can be vessels of that redemption for children’s lives here.
  • Because we know that, if it were our own flesh and blood, we would want someone to love them and call them family, too.
  • Because, really, these kids are no different from your own. Not at all.
  • Because it’s just not okay with us to say no to a child who needs a home when we have one.
  • Because it’s just not okay with us to say no to a child who needs a family when we have one.
  • Because it’s just not okay with us to say no to a child who needs room to thrive when we have room and can make room.
  • Because it’s just not okay with us to do nothing.
  • Because it won’t be okay with them if we do nothing.
  • Because it’s just not going to be okay to do nothing.

“Rescue the perishing; don’t hesitate to step in and help. If you say, “Hey, that’s none of my business,” [i.e. "that's not for me"] will that get you off the hook? Someone is watching you closely, you know— Someone not impressed with weak excuses.” -Proverbs 24:12 (The Message)

You can follow the Weimer’s on their blog- Blessings From Ethiopia daily for updates on their crazy family.

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Zoie and her very special Elf

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Zoie and her very special Elf

Posted on 24 December 2009 by Kari Gibson

It’s hard for me to wrap my heart around the celebration of Christmas this year.  Hubby and I have noticed a change.  It was subtle at first- Christmas lights going up BEFORE Thanksgiving, merriment in pulling out every single decoration, an extra skip through the stores hunting for presents on sale, finding excuses to drive through town pointing out all the strings of lights hung in every corner of our little town.  Where we live, Christmas starts early, sometimes blending in with the Fall festivities.  The change took me by surprise.  In fact, all four of us have noticed the change.  It wasn’t hard to guess why-

I never dreamed we would have the gift of a baby again to start all over.  Santa’s magic is everywhere.  I hear it in her giggles, I see it in the sparkle that lights up her big brown eyes and I feel it when she grabs my hand to turn on the tree lights every morning.  Adoption is one of the greatest gifts God gave my family.  He knew the deepest desires of our hearts, when we didn’t even remember that it was there, tucked away far from sight.  We have so much to celebrate this Christmas- the things that really count.  We celebrate the birth of a King, our Savior who gave us life and love.  Our love for Zoie is so intense, but I’m reminded during this time of year- how much more intense God’s love is for each and every one of us.  I pray for adoption miracles again this next year.  Adoption is challenging, radical and life- changing.  Are you ready to make a difference in a child’s life?  There are children all over the world who are hoping and wishing tonight for a mommy and daddy- a family.  Let’s work together to make their dreams come true, one at a time.

Merry Christmas Adoption!

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Camping + Motorcycle Gang = Priceless Bonding!

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Camping + Motorcycle Gang = Priceless Bonding!

Posted on 19 December 2009 by Kari Gibson

In my dad’s book, Keys to Your Child’s Heart, he shares how to make family memories. An inspiring how-to for parents to create amazing moments and strong bonds as a family unit. He can take no credit for our family’s closeness. It was a gift. It was years of messing up, I think that did it. My favorite stories of “messing up” are now the hilarious topics of our family get-togethers. My brothers and I tease, embellish, and make fun (in love) of ALL the attempts dad made to bond us closer. The camping stories are my very favorite. In fact, the parenting book was written on a two month camping trip. It was weeks of torture for my brothers and I jammed in a camper zipping from state park to state park. I honestly don’t know how they did it…how did my mom keep her sanity? There were bumps and crisis and bruises and adventures and laughs at every turn. My dad insists that camping will make any family close.  The #1 bonding activity.  He would bet his camper on it.

Roger and I were so excited the first time we took our son, Michael camping. He was one years old and full of life. We wanted to start him out young and start the bonding right off the bat. I remember like it was yesterday packing the car with all the camping goods and our brand new Coleman tent. We thought of everything. We interviewed several avid campers and decided on the perfect spot for our 1st trip. The drive was long and winding. I remember feeling car sick, but my joy of camping held me over through the 4 hour drive to camping paradise.

It was beautiful. The best spot. We set up our camp site in a flash. We had a few tumbles trying to figure out how to balance out the tent, despite the slight lean…we did it!! I headed to the outdoor facilities but stopped short. The not-so-clean, super nasty toilet was crawling with bugs. Dear Lord, it was disgusting! Refusing to “go” there…I insisted Rog drive us to the nearest clean restroom. There was noooo near clean spot. Where was the gas station? Where was the park restrooms with showers? I realized quickly I would really have to rough it up! 100% nature calling in the wild outdoors.

The night was long and everything went wrong. It started raining. A motorcycle gang rolled in and set up camp right next to our tent. A college group catty corner partied all night. It was cold and wet and loud and miserable. I begged Rog to go out there and tell the college kids and motorcycle gang to BE QUIET!! We have a baby trying to sleep in here! Long story short, we packed up our brand new tent and all our camping goods in the dark and headed for home. We were mad and really sleepy. I felt like a total failure. What happened? I was a camping pro. Our family bonding depended on this camping trip to be a success.

We learned a lesson. Our
un-camping trip WAS a success. We bonded. We had our memories. We could laugh at the messes. Maybe we weren’t cut out to be campers, but we were cut out to be a family. A family that loves being together. We never popped that tent up again, but we did invest years later in a pop up camper. We are now the Gibson Five and I cherish our memory-making-messes deeper than ever. I guess the moral of this story…you can bond pretty much doing anything as a family. Trouble will find you where ever you go.
Make every memory count!!

Ok- I’d really love to hear your favorite memory-making-messes.

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Add Your banner for all to see & be inspired!

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Add Your banner for all to see & be inspired!

Posted on 10 December 2009 by Kari Gibson

Hi friends, would you like to be on the Inspiring Link blogroll featured at One Stop Shop? We want to show off your inspiring blogs, websites, non-profits, fundraisers, adoption agencies or ministries.  I envision having hundreds of banners for my readers to be inspired by your craziness. Here is how!

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It may take me one to three days to get links added, so thanks for your patience!  Email me if you have questions.

Here is an example of the Inspiring Links-

My Crazy Friends

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Crazy men and women who are dedicated to family, parenting, and adoption.  My readers are wildly passionate about helping, cheering, praying, encouraging, advocating, and challenging others to take a look at the crazy world of adoption.  They are bold and radical, definitely not wimpy about exemplifying a life that is NOT ABOUT YOU!  They walk the walk!  They wear adoption T shirts that make a statement- don’t try to run away, they are the most fun people to hang out with.  They are joyful, humorous, energetic readers!

Thanks so much for being a crazy friend!

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Never seen before photo of Zoie

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Never seen before photo of Zoie

Posted on 22 November 2009 by Kari Gibson

I just received a priceless gift from a dear friend, Lenka. She was in Ethiopia several months before our family, bringing home their daughter. She visited Kids Care Orphanage and took one photo that means more to us than she will ever know! Adoption has many challenges, but the hardest for me personally is the blank empty space of time that’s missing about Zoie life.  Many families choose to keep the personal information private, but what I will share with you is simply… Senait was loved by her birthmother, held in her arms for 2 months and relinquished at a police station in Addis Ababa, March 2008. Having a letter and testimony from her birthmother comes with bittersweet emotions. I will never personally be able to thank her for her love and sacrifice, but can honor her everyday loving Zoie Senait. Here is a never seen before, very first glimpse of our daughter taken on 3.20.2008 at 2.14 EST.

I have tears streaming down my face just looking at this beautiful orphan’s face knowing she did not have a mommy and daddy. She was all alone. Little did this tiny baby know that in less than a month, God would give her the family He planned before she was born.

“I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”  (Jeremiah 29:10b-11 MSG)


Kari, I am so happy it is Zoie!  She was so tiny. I remember I did not even wanted to hold the babies in that room. They were all so small. I remember standing in there and praying for all of them. It is amazing to know and see Zoie again this fall (she is not tiny anymore:) Love, Lenka

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I caught a real LIVE Terrible Temper Tantrum

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I caught a real LIVE Terrible Temper Tantrum

Posted on 20 November 2009 by Kari Gibson


Many months ago I posted a few pics of Zoie having her “first” temper tantrums.  I’m the mom of 3, so I’ve had lots of practice dealing with these crazy, hair-raising episodes.  Zoie is now 22 months old and has started perfecting her tantrums.  She has her screaming fits down to the tee when she hears the word no, but really wants to hear yes.  She started in the past few days, throwing her chubby body down in the middle of Target, but eases her back and head in slow motion so she won’t hurt her self. Temper Tantrums are no funny business.  It’s been a long time since my 2 oldest have thrown a tizzy over a broken crayon or juice not being poured fast enough.  Hubby and I work hard on remaining calm and refocusing the bursts of rage to something fun or interesting.

I have to admit, the temper training all comes back (slowly, hey I’m 42) but it’s reassuring to know that no matter where our children are born… biologically or through adoption, they all express anger in extraordinary ways.  Wanting our own way, on our own terms is a universal display of emotions.  My biggest struggle right now, is redirecting her slapping.  Zoie shocked me when she started slapping her own face when she got super baby angry. (see Flip below-its a mild version, but you can see the change) I immediately let her know that was not OK!  In fact, now when she slaps her face… I say calmly, “No hit Zoie! We give Zoie loves!”  I showed her how to kiss her hands.  She has been giving her hands lots of kisses and hugs.  It’s working!!  Now when she wants to slap her face, she ends up giving hand kisses.  I think we are very close to bringing up the “time out” chair from the basement.  It’s a little dusty, but the chair is still in good condition (16 years old!) We let the kids paint and decorate the chair, so it will be a special and challenging teaching tool for Princess Zoie and her Temper Tantrums.  I can’t believe I actually “caught” her in the action. Enjoy my craziness.

I love learning from my bloggy readers, so any advice on taming tantrums would help this mom out.

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Kari talks LIVE… I need your help with hot topics!

Posted on 17 November 2009 by Kari Gibson

Watch my first Adoption Life LIVE video! It’s time for me to talk to you, my readers about adoption from A to Z. I don’t have a fancy studio or the best equipment, it’s just me and you and my Flip talking candidly about our favorite subject!  Hopefully, my awesome hubby will join me sometimes to give a daddy’s perspective on the subject of adoption.  I have watched his life change radically through the miracle of adoption.  We welcome you to leave us any questions, comments or subject ideas you would like to talk about.. email me.  As I have shared, I want to give back honest, real answers from my life as I continue to grow as a wife, mom and friend.

I want My Crazy Adoption to educate you, inspire you, make you laugh, offer hope, and eliminate any fears you might have about adoption.  Bloggy readers, I wasted YEARS wrapped in fear, worry and uncertainty about adoption and if I can save just one person from holding back on the most incredible, life-changing adventure… it’s all worth it!

I would love your feedback.  Do you have any specific questions or hot topics you would like me to discuss LIVE?

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Home For Adoption

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Home For Adoption

Posted on 15 November 2009 by Kari Gibson

I’ve wanted to share this for quite a long time, but never really had the words to express the change happening in my heart. It’s not easy to share regret.  It’s humbling to share failure and loss when a life depends on letting go.  I guess I should start at the very beginning.  Ten years ago, we lived in a darling country home just perfect for our little family.  It had everything I had dreamed for my kids…. white picket fence, huge farm porch, stone fireplace, acres to run and play, as well as a spectacular view of the lake.  The price was right.  We didn’t feel stretched financially and worked hard to save for family fun.

I don’t exactly know when we got bit by the bug, but we started longing to build our “dream home” closer to town and schools.  We researched the best builder, dreamed about the perfect home for our kids, and moved forward with plans to build our future.  It was a big stretch financially, but our eyes were fixed on the prize.  A 2-story French Country with all the little trimmings.  Our builder was indeed amazing, one of a kind Italian stallion.  He and his wife put their personal stamp from top to bottom.  We fell in love with every cedar beam, knob and light fixture scattered throughout our new home.  The most ironic thing, the day before we moved in a couple drove up and offered us cash to buy our home.  We declined.

We’ve had the glorious privilege of living in our dream home for almost 9 years.  We had no idea God was going to wreck our lives several years ago and ask us to expand our family with adoption.  Let me define the word “wreck”.  God calls and wrecks everything in our path we think is important and valuable.  We did not tumble accidentally into the crazy world of adoption.  It was a strong calling and we knew He had big plans for our family.  But for certain dreams to come true, sometimes we have to give up dreams.  I admit I had all 10 fingers dug in deeply.  It was a long, painful, humbling process for me personally to give up my home 4 adoption.  I would tell the Lord I would be willing to give up just about anything… just let me keep my home.  I was wrecked!  I sobbed miserably several months ago, I was so guilty of my wood floors, brass knobs, all the trimmings… how could I have been so selfish.  I felt really crushed in spirit and so embarrassed before the Lord.  I’m grateful He changed my dreams.  Adoption has been the best decision of my life.

God changed the way we wanted to spend our money.  We made the decision to sell our home to pay for our adoptions.  I will never forget the freedom I felt when the For Sale sign went in the ground.  I was free!  I just knew that in days our home would sell and we could pay for our adoption, as well as help with other adoptions.  It was the perfect miracle plan… Home 4 Adoption!  Well, its been almost 2 1/2 years and we have not had a single nibble.  The house we gave up for adoption is now the perfect candidate for HDTV’s Unsellables.  We feel confused, tired, and stretched.  I think the only thing that brings me peace is knowing God just isn’t ready for SOLD to happen.  The one thing I learned through our crazy adoption was God’s timing is perfect.  He knows what is best for our family.  We started the process for adoption #2, but will continue to lean on Him for every penny to bring home our new daughter(s).  We will creatively fundraise with boundless energy and renewed strength.  I guess in the end, the easy way out was to sell our home.

My heart knows God would not penalize a beautiful orphan due to our financial woes.  He will work through our job changes, fears, mistakes. and economy crisis.  His power will be revealed each and every time we owe a payment to AWAA.

Please share…I would love to hear your adoption struggles and how you overcame $ fears.


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