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Poppyseed Chicken…make your fam drool

Posted on 31 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

Bloggy Friends, here is my 3 Awesome’s favorite dinner recipe…
they beg for it!! Zoie loves the crackers:)

Poppyseed Chicken
5-6 boneless chicken breasts or 1-2 per person (large family)
1 cup sour cream
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
Ritz crackers (3-4 cylinders)
1 stick butter
3 T poppyseed

Cut up raw chicken in bite size pieces…boil.
Mix sour cream, soups, poppyseed & cooked chicken in a bowl.
Crush & crumble crackers & toast them in pan w/ 1 stick melted butter.

Just before cooking….layer the bottom of a deep dish with 1/2 cracker mix.
Layer chicken mixture & top off with the rest of the cracker mix.
Bake 350 for 30 min.
Easy & Delicious!!!!

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Refresh my heart

Posted on 30 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

I’m still recovering from the stress of this weekend. Zoie was so sick & after an awful diaper explosion, no energy & eyes starting to roll…we rushed up to Urgent Care an hour away. What a blessing. Everyone was in awe over our Ethiopian Princess….I think she was feeling VIP:) We felt relief. Both of us had a flash of our 6 month old weighing only 7 pounds & soooo sick in Ethiopia. Driving up to our pediatrician, she had the same piercing stare of HELP ME in her eyes. We are thankful & grateful for 24 hr. hospitals, pharmacies with the best medication available, and any basic need at every corner.
What a different experience than the last time she was sick in July 08. In Addis Ababa, we drove around hours trying to find a doctor available to help us. We felt lost & desperate.
We pray fervently for our beautiful Ethiopia that God will continue to pour His blessings, miracles & provide healing to such a desperate nation. They are strong & courageous, may they never grow weary.
Well, we have some good meds in her tummy now & hopefully she will start feeling better today.

Christ Jesus, You look down upon the masses of people on this earth and have *compassion* on them. So many are harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. (Matthew 9:36) Thank You for Your mercy, O Savior, that endures forever.
(Zoie at 5 mo old in TH)

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America World Families Home from Ethiopia!!

Posted on 28 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

We have a special bond. Family. We love Ethiopia!! We advocate for adoption.
Take a peek at this wonderful video. Each family is home now with their gift of love! If you are interested in more information…America World Adoption
(thank you Renee:)

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Rovang Family miracle today!!!!

Posted on 27 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

I had the special blessing to meet beautiful Mehelet when we were in Ethiopia. Little did I know the adorable girl that hugged, kissed & held my hand all day would one day have the Rovangs as her very own family. My own daughter kept her photo on our fridge & prayed fervently for a forever family for this amazing girl.
Celebrate. Rejoice. Faithfulness. Miracles.

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I walked with *Angels* in Ethiopia (Fistula Hospital)

Posted on 27 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about our time spent at one of the most beautiful places on earth. Fistula Hospital. I happened to hear about this amazing place before our trip to Ethiopia. The video I watched online broke my heart, but I knew I couldn’t leave Addis without a seeing the hospital with my own eyes. It was on the top of my list. I begged our coordinator to make sure we had the opportunity to visit. Was it even possible for visitors to walk in their gates?

The day we met Zoie Senait, was the day scheduled for a tour of Fistula Hospital. I was ecstatic to meet the staff and witness first hand the miracles of healing.
We drove through the gates & I flashed my camera before a guard told us…no photographs.

Once inside the gates, everything changed. Trees. Flowers. Beauty. I had no idea what to expect, but after a short introduction by our guide, we started walking to the heart & soul of this heaven on earth. I noticed immediately a very tiny woman sitting on a bench wrapped in a colorful shawl. I smiled. She smiled. I kissed her hand and she kissed my hand. Her face was covered with stunning elegant markings. They were a sign of importance, beauty of her people, her tribe. She covered my face with kisses (very Ethiopian) and held my hand as we started to walk. Shyly, she said to me three words in perfect English, “You show love.”
You show love. I will never forget this angel that had a life time of pain and healing in her eyes. Simple words with powerful meaning.

I will never know her story, but in that precious moment, she gave me a gift.
You show love. Today, I
want to slow down. Today, I want to take the time to notice the tiny things that need my attention. Today, I want to show love. If I had just smiled and walked on by, I would have missed out on an incredible opportunity. Two women, different pain, healing touch, grace from the Lord, journey of hope.

Father God, how great is the love You have lavished on me, that I should be called a child of God! And that is what I am! (1 John 3:1)

If you are interested in learning more about Fistual Hospital, please watch this incredible journey of healing in A Walk To Beautiful:

To order a DVD of the
movie click here.

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Biggest Loser

Posted on 26 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

I’m a huge fan of the tv show Biggest Loser. I cry every single episode…cheering on the contestants!!! I love the cast & 2 trainers!! I have all their workout videos….I cringe to think what Jillian would say to me when I cheat on jumping jacks!!! Biggest Loser winner gets all kinds of prizes, but they worked off their bum *literally* to win!!
The biggest loser also has another side, another meaning. The signal is a big L in sign language on my forehead. Looosser!!! Its negative, its a put down, its a bad word.
As a follower of Jesus, many times during the day, I feel like both kinds of loser.
Kari = Biggest Loser
Days where I accomplish ALL my goals with energy, spunk & determination. Nothing can stop me. Give me any challenge or task & I’ll give 110% I made the best dinner, no complaining about piles of laundry, energy to scrub & cuddle up with H to read.

Days where I fail. I lose. I set goals, but they don’t happen. I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. No energy, no spunk & a lack of determination. Naaaagging kids about unfinished chores, homework or dirty dishes. No 2 course meal, romance or time to take a shower.
I start beating myself up emotionally…..girl, you are the biggest loser!!!

Today, I feel like the big L. My energy is zapped (Zoie has the flu) and I’m just not at my game.
I am humbled. I believe and understand that without the grace God pours over me daily….I really am a big loser. Every day I wake up, I have choices to make. Every day is a renewal of my faith in Him. If I try to do things MY way, I lose. When I give my worries, fears, insecurities, failures, disappointments to God….He gives me His strength, His energy, His unfailing love.
Today, instead of *beating* myself up with negative thoughts, I want to focus my mind and heart to lean on Him.

My soul is downcast within me. Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have *hope* Because of Your great love I am not consumed, for Your compassions never fail. They are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness! (Lamentations 3: 20-22)

Today I am the Biggest Loser! I win, because He wins!!
(look whats out my front door…happy spring!!)

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Mom at 42

Posted on 25 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

I’ve been struggling with my recovery spiritually, emotionally & physically this year. I can’t believe its been 8 months since our adoption. My dreams of being a new mommy again at 42 have exceeded all my expectations. However, I remind myself daily that I’m *not* that mommy who had boundless energy & freedoms that come with young children full time at home. The challenge now is balancing 3 ….15, 12 & 1. I spent years being afraid of this change. The pain of loss was so deep in my heart that it squashed or covered up the desires I had to have more children. I didn’t want to cheat my children of what I had to offer them when I was a “younger” mom. It became an inconvenience in my mind that I would have to change or give up something. Yes, its been a huge change in my daily life. Some days I feel like a recluse or all alone (there’s not any 40+ new moms in my circle:) Do playgroups even allow moms like me? I feel lost some days, but when it all comes down to it…..God IMG_4939gave me my deepest desire. He waited years to accomplish His miracle in my life. He knew I would not have the same energy or lifestyle I had over 15 years ago. He believed in me. He was patient with me. He loved me.
I don’t bounce out of bed, like I did when the kids were little. M & H make their own breakfast & school lunches…..ugh… a pang of guilt, but they are also in a different season.
They love watching me play games on the floor with Zoie, they smile (smirk) when I sing all the “old” songs again. Ok…they shake their head a little when I dance around the high chair to make Zoie take one more bite of squash. M asked me last night….you really love being a mom, don’t you. I LOVE being a mom to 3 very unique, different children. My kids have never fit in any box….they keep me creative, challenged & hopping. I’m grateful that they love me just the way I am. 42, lots of mistakes, lots of forgiveness, lots of hugs & lots of love.
I’m thankful God loves me even when I’m not my best at being wife or mom.
No matter where God takes me in the future….I can be a mom anywhere in the world.

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Bye Bye Mohawk:)

Posted on 24 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

Its been quite a morning:) Started off waking up late…the girls slept in. H handed me Zoie & we realized she had throw up…a few clumps in her hair. No time to spare & a quick wipe….we raced to school. One off & one strapped in her carseat….we headed home. Poor Zoie started throwing up, but she couldn’t figure out what was happening :( She has been so healthy since coming home, this is a first.
Big storm hit hard (warnings were right on) but sweet baby is still sleeping. M has a golf Trny today, but wondering how they hit that little white ball when its pouring rain?
I cut off Zoie’s mohawk (ET friends made me do it:) I evened it all out, but now I miss the sweet frizzy curls. Did I do the right thing???

Thanking the Lord today for ALL His amazing blessings!!! Following Jesus is a radical journey.

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Family + Arizona = Fun!!!!!

Posted on 22 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

Crystal & darling cousin Bria

Meeting sweet Brooke!

Jenny & Brooke-Zoie’s new cousin

Auntie Tracy

Ohhhhh yay cocoa!!

3 Awesomes!!

click to enlarge:)

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We’re off to AZ & family

Posted on 16 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

Bloggy friends, we are sooo thrilled to visit family in AZ this week. Its our first family trip since traveling to Ethiopia. Whew!!!
We’ll post pics & video soon:))

Let me know what you’re planning *as a family* to celebrate the first days of spring:)
Signing off…

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Zoie we *simply love* you…14 months old (video)

Posted on 14 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

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March Madness…and I’m not talking basketball:)

Posted on 13 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

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Just got a call….

Posted on 06 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

M made the golf team!!!!!!!!!!!! whooooohoooooooo
We are so proud of you!!
Thanks for your cheers bloggy friends:)

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Golf Tryouts!!

Posted on 02 March 2009 by Kari Gibson

Bloggy friends…say a little prayer for our son this week. Golf tryouts M-Th!!!!!!
He found out last week that the coach already chose the 6 spots for varsity (before tryouts) and only 3 spots for 8 guys reallllly wanting to be on the team. OK….there’s no pressure!!!!
Golf has been a great teacher for M to learn patience, dedication, loyalty, manners, focus, confidence, and perseverance!!!

We are praying & cheering!!!
He’s our *Tiger* no matter what!!!!!

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