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Mommy DIY + 5 Crazy cute things to make for Easter

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Mommy DIY + 5 Crazy cute things to make for Easter

Posted on 31 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

I love making fun crafts with the kids, but this year Hannah is helping her little sis make a few fun things for Easter.

1.  How to make Speckled Easter Eggs-

Robin's Egg Place Cards
For tea-stained eggs, add 2 tea bags to glass of hot water and allow to steep. Lower egg into water for several minutes until desired color is reached. Set aside to dry.
For blue eggs, combine 1 drop of blue food coloring with 1 drop of green food coloring in glass of water. Feel free to play with different amounts of food coloring to adjust the color. Lower egg into water and set aside to dry.
To speckle eggs, we used one bottle of brown craft paint and a toothbrush. Dip brush into paint and lightly splatter and dab around the egg to achieve a random, lightly dotted pattern. Allow to dry.

2.  Beady Babies-  These baby chicks are so easy to make, you can have an entire clutch ready in time for Easter. View Craft

Beady Babies

3.  Easter Bunny Cupcakes- You don’t have to grow a garden like Mr. McGregor’s to have a family of rabbits show up at your house on Easter — or any other time. View Recipe & video.

4.  Bunny Ears for Kids-  These cute bunny ears are a perfect Easter craft for kids. Easy to make, and lots of fun to wear, have your little bunnies go on their chocolate hunt in Easter spirit.  • View the full Bunny Ears for Kids instructions

5.  Chick Easter Card-  Everyone loves a craft that uses a child’s hands to create it. This cute and sunny yellow Easter chick card makes a perfect holiday greeting for Mom, Grandma or anyone you care about.  • View the full Easter Chick Card instructions

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Wednesday WOW Recipe + Kid Friendly Roll

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Wednesday WOW Recipe + Kid Friendly Roll

Posted on 31 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

Chock-full of pepperoni and cheese, this bread is rolled into a big log, baked, and then sliced into small rounds just right for dipping in marinara sauce.  I found this yummy recipe for Hannah to make for the fam.  It’s an easy kid friendly recipe that your teens can bake on their own (limited help)


  • 1 1/4 cups warm water (105° to 115°)
  • 1 package active dry yeast
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil or vegetable oil
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 3 to 3 1/4 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons dried basil
  • 1/4 pound thinly sliced pepperoni
  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups grated mozzarella, or another cheese you like

Pepperoni Bread - Step 1Instructions:
  1. Prepare the dough by measuring the water (which should feel slightly warm to the touch) into a large mixing bowl and then sprinkling the yeast over it. Once the yeast starts to dissolve, have your child add the sugar and oil and whisk the mixture to blend it. Set the bowl aside for 5 minutes.
  2. Pepperoni Bread - Step 2 Stir the salt into the yeast mixture. Add 2 cups of the flour and beat it in well with a wooden spoon. About 25 vigorous strokes should do it. Add the rest of the flour 1/4 cup at a time, beating well each time, until the dough is firm and no longer sticky. Then scrape the dough from the bowl onto a flour-coated work surface.
  3. Have your child rub flour on her hands and sprinkle some on the dough too. Then she should knead the dough for about 7 minutes, until it’s springy and supple. TIP: To knead the dough, fold it over itself and push down with your palms, rolling the dough slightly forward as you do. Younger kids can stand on a step stool to get behind the push.
  4. Place the dough in an oiled medium-size mixing bowl (it’s fun to use a glass bowl so you can watch the dough as it grows), turning it over once to coat the top and bottom. Cover the bowl with oiled plastic wrap and set it in a warm spot until the dough has doubled in bulk, about 1 hour.
  5. Punch down the dough several times with your fist, then turn it out onto a floured surface and knead it for 1 minute. Cover the dough lightly with oiled plastic wrap and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, your child can dust a large baking sheet with fine cornmeal. Explain that this will keep the dough from sticking, so there’s no need to oil the pan.
  6. Step 6 - Pepperoni Bread With floured hands, start pressing the dough into a large square. Switch to a rolling pin and roll the dough into a 12- by 14-inch rectangle. If the dough springs back when you’re rolling it, let it rest for an extra 2 or 3 minutes. Keep your rolling pin floured so the dough doesn’t stick to it.
  7. Step 7 - Pepperoni Bread Have your child lightly brush the surface of the dough with water, then, with dry hands, sprinkle the basil over the dough. Arrange the pepperoni in long rows over the entire dough, except for a 1-inch border on all sides. Then sprinkle on the cheese. TIP: When choosing a cheese for Pepperoni Bread, you can’t go wrong with mozzarella but provolone or a combination of other cheeses will taste great too.
  8. Starting at the long edge closest to you, roll up the dough snugly like a carpet. Tightly pinch together the dough along the seam to seal it, then pinch the ends closed and tuck them under. Transfer the log onto the baking sheet seam down and loosely cover it with oiled plastic wrap. Let the dough rest for 15 minutes in a warm spot while you heat the oven to 400°.
  9. Remove the plastic and bake the loaf for about 35 minutes, until it’s dark and crusty on all sides. Slide the bread onto a wire rack and let it cool for at least 20 minutes before cutting it into thick slices. Serve warm, with marinara sauce on the side for dipping. Makes 6 to 8 servings.

A friend turned me on to this adorable website Bakerella and I wanted to “ping” you over to check out the most delicious looking do do’s I’ve ever seen.  You know we drag Zoie to donuts every Saturday, so this post Sublime made me do a donut gasp outloud. Check it out!  If you’re looking for some adorable bunny-related recipes, try this, this, this, this or this from previous Bakerella years.


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Adoption 101: I want to Be Your Billboard

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Adoption 101: I want to Be Your Billboard

Posted on 30 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

I want to be your billboard!  I know that sounds a little crazy, but I’m heading to Haiti and want to share your adoption products/orphan T shirts on my blog all week.  Many of you are FUNraising with shirts and I want to help you make a difference.  All you need to do is mail me your donated T shirt or item and add a note with your website or blog URL.  I will feature your products right here on my crazy adoption blog and link readers back to your site.  Also, you can use any photographs with me wearing your shirts or sharing your items in Haiti on your site, too.  This is a fun, unique way for us to promote adoption and advocating for orphans together.

Here is my plan.  I’m blogging compassionately thru Haiti starting April 11th-16th.  Our team of 13 are hand delivering 170,000 meals and 500 pounds of formula (that YOU helped raise)  I want to wear a different adoption/orphan T shirt every day.  If I receive more T shirts than the 6 I can feature each day, I will still show off your shirt in a very creative way (wink)  I will post after I return home from Haiti for 6 days, due to lack of international bloggy juice.

If you are currently FUNraising with T shirts and want me to promote your shirts in Haiti… email me. I will need your T shirts mailed by April 10th.  My size- I wear a Medium if Unisex cut or I wear an XL if slim, women’s cut… just let me know!!  My blog friend, Kelly just suggested donating her Ugandan necklace that she is fundraising with- I asked her if I could wear it and give it to someone I meet in Haiti to encourage her and pray for her.   I will take photos!

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Posted on 29 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

I’m so excited to have my awesome hubby guest blog for the first time and share an amazing story.  He drives me crazy in love every day!  For the past 16 years, he leads our family devos after dinner.  I love listening to his unique ability to mix a Bible story and real life stuff for our 3 kids.  A few weeks ago, he challenged us to be a lefty.  Please leave him your comments and encourage him to come back and blog for me when I’m in Haiti and Africa!  Hubby, welcome to my crazy adoption.

My wife asked me to be her guest blogger today and share something that would inspire dad’s.  One of my favorite things to do after dinner is to gather up the fam and lead Dad Devo.  This is my time to teach, encourage and lead my kids through the miracles of the Bible and help them connect the stories and verses to their real life.  I have 2 teenagers and a toddler, so I enjoy the challenge of keeping Zoie entertained and challenging my teens.

Kari and I never wanted “normal kids” according to the worlds definition.  We actually work hard at un-normalizing our three kids. Sound crazy? Yeah, we want our kids to fit in with the right clothes, friends, sports, and academics … but not really. If you have never read Judges 3:12 – 30, it’s a must because it is really hilarious, disgusting, and heroic all in one story.
Without giving anything away, the star of the passage is left handed or as we call him a LEFTY.  Now, when we describe people we normally don’t say what hand they are.  I would never think of saying, “You should meet my wife, Kari. She is a righty.” I can definitely think of better descriptions to give you. Well, God thought the description he gave was perfect because Ehud just happened to be an Isrealite from the tribe of Benjamin … which literally means the “son of the right hand”. Ehud was probably a kinda of an “out of the box” kind of person. He was the odd ball among the “normal” people. Just picture him throwing his spear from the wrong side and his coach trying to show him how to throw the “right way”, or the teacher showing him the correct way to chisle the letters on his tablet so the slant would be the correct angle, or eating at the dinner table and clanking elbows with his sister and her responding with a loud, “why can’t you just be like everybody else!” God ‘s plan all along was to use Ehud because he didn’t fit the mode of hero, change agent, or revolutionary in the eyes of the Isrealites. He was the one person that the Benjaminites would say, “No way, Ehud did what?” To remind US, God mentioned Ehud was a “lefty” because he does not need “people” with the right stuff to accomplish His work. He wants LEFTIES! He wants us un-normalized, non conformed, and a different people in the eyes of the world.
Behind Ehud success I believe he had a dad (& mom) that embraced him being a lefty. Just as Ehud’s parents did, I remind my kids daily that I love them just the way they are.  I don’t want them to make any changes… be who you are and be real.  If they come home and feel defeated from school or their sports, I immediately pour on the blessings.  I hug, encourage, uplift, cheer and point them back to the cross.  I have 2 teenagers, and they deal with major pressure everyday.  I want to be the one they come to when they are hurting or discouraged.  I have an open door policy with my family making sure they can come to me about anything and I mean anything.  You will open the door wide to have some very deep talks with your kids if they feel safe to share.  I text them during the day that I love them and praying for success and God’s favor for their day.  I want them covered in truth to be able to fight the battles of daily life as a teen.  I continue to carve in their hearts a belief system- what do you believe about God’s word and God’s love for you?
Dads, what is pick one thing that you know your child may not like about themselves that you can say or do today to communicate to your child (ren) that you love them regardless of whatever it may be.   OK- I want to hear how you encourage your kids to be a lefty?

A little family war fun in the snow…

Dads… you can get involved, too.  My great friend, Pete Kidd has started an adoption ministry JUST for dads!!  Check it out-

“Hello All! – If you know someone who’s just getting into the adoption process, or struggling with the decision to move forward, this video interview will be an awesome resource for them! It’s the compelling story of a father who was totally cold to the idea of adoption – that is until God transformed his heart and aligned him with God’s will. Please share this! It may be just the encouragement that a prospective father (or mother) may need to move foward with the gift of adoption. Thank you!

May God continue to bless your adoption pursuits, and to Him, be the glory!”

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My Blind Date

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My Blind Date

Posted on 25 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

Do you ever wonder why romance is so hard to ignite when you have kids?  Roger and I often discuss our lack of energy and zip when it comes to planning a romantic date, especially when we can barely keep our eyes open for the 10PM news.  We love being a mom & dad, but its a constant crazy challenge to find time for mushy gushy romance for two.

We woke up Saturday morning and headed to Krispy Kreme donuts with Zoie.  Our 2 teens were out of town visiting family, so it was just the three of us.  Out of the blue, Roger said with a twinkle in his eye, “Let’s get out of town for 24 hrs and celebrate our anniversary!”  I was elated… we still love being spontaneous after 18 years!  We decided to use some points saved with Hyatt Place and head to Tulsa for fun and PF Chang!  It was the perfect plan… Zoie was excited to take a road trip and swim in the pool.  She mentioned that about 598 times the first hour of our getaway.  We blasted though the border of OK and the steady rain changed direction… sleet pelted our windows, but soon turned into snow.  We were really surprised, due to the drastic change of scenery.  Roger joked about not checking the weather online before delving into our journey to romance.  We drove straight into a winter spring wonderland.

The next 4 hours were really terrifying.  We watched cars skidding off the side of I44 into the snowy drifts left and right.  Cars, trucks, and vans full of families on spring break sidelined or overturned with emergency vehicles scattered at each site.  My fingers were clutched in a death grip as our van maneuvered around hazardous icy patches… as I repeated over and over… “are we crazy???”  The worst part was driving blindly behind semi trucks spraying snow and ice like a car wash.

By the time we reached the Hilton, we were stressed to the max.  Zoie skipped her nap on the long drive, so was starting to melt down.  The pool was outdoors, so we avoided talking about the swimming part of our trip.  We decided to stick with the original plan and eat at PF Changs… snow was not going to keep us from their signature dishes of dumplings, calamari and Kung Pao Shrimp for two.  This irresistible meal would erase the terror of our icy drive.  The restaurant was only a few miles away, so the drive was less eventful.  Zoie was happy munching on crispy chips when out of the blue, she hit her limit.  She had a melt down that would win her an Oscar.  She snapped and started throwing utensils and items of our food on the floor.  It happened so fast and furious it took us off guard.  The waiter looked at us with sympathy and quickly made our meal “to go.”  I was sooo disappointed, but didn’t want to ruin any of the other romantic dates happening all around us, especially when tea cups and peaches were flying.  Princess Z was banned to the hotel room, but finally passed out in her crib.  We munched on our Entrees and cold calamari in peace.

We woke up the next day to the blizzard of spring ’10.  How in the world did we end up here… we could have stayed home and had a delicious meal for two at Cracker Barrel in the rain.  We were stuck, but after several crazy tantrums and drama from our two year old it pushed us out to venture in the storm and head to Starbucks at Super Target for a caffeine buzz.  Zoie was in heaven (you know she’s the Target Baby) so we played in the store for several hours until the snow stopped.

All I can say at this point, romance is hard work and sometimes a little crazy, but I’m so grateful my hubby’s love for me remains a constant in my life.  I want to hear your ideas on how to keep romance burning bright… any crazy suggestions?

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Wednesday WOW Recipe + Crazy Bloggy Guest Baker

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Wednesday WOW Recipe + Crazy Bloggy Guest Baker

Posted on 24 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

I’m soooo excited to introduce Sarah, my guest bloggy baker… a great friend of our family who has a crazy passion for orphans all over the world.  She makes up recipes in her dreams- I’m serious.  God gave her a passion for cooking & baking the most amazing treats I’ve ever tasted!

“This is one of my all-time favorite cookie recipes.  The taste reminds me of summertime.  It was one of the cookies that I made at Kamp Kauai for opening day.  I took a basic sugar cookie recipe and altered it and figure out a way not to have to refrigerate the dough and added my favorite ingredient, lime!  They taste so refreshing.  My next idea is to somehow add cherry to them!” (Sarah Yocum)

2 ½ cups all-purpose flour

2 teaspoon baking soda

¾ teaspoon salt

1 cup butter or margarine

1 ½ cup white sugar

2 eggs

2 tablespoon lime zest

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

1-2 tablespoons lime juice

Preheat oven to 375

Combine flour, baking soda and salt together in a small bowl.  Beat butter, sugar, eggs, lime zest and vanilla in a large mixing bowl.  Gradually beat in flour mixture.  Add lime juice, no more than 2 tablespoons.

Shape into 1 ounce balls and roll in sugar and place on pan.  After the dough is on the pan, sprinkle  more lime juice on top to taste.

Bake 9-12 minutes

Fresh Limeade

1 cups freshly squeezed lime juice

1 cups warms water

1 cups sugar

3 cups cold water

First mix warm water and sugar together until sugar is dissolved.  Add remaining ingredients.

*Lime can be substituted for lemon!

Sarah wearing Simply Love Orphans!!

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Fun Starbucks Pics

Fun Starbucks Pics

Posted on 23 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

My Crazy Bloggy Friends… run over to Starbucks and get your FREE Pastry with the purchase of a handcrafted coffee.  If you want to meet up and chat, Zoie and I will be at our local Starbucks at 9 am.  CLICK HERE for your coupon.

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The scariest anniversary I’ve ever had!

The scariest anniversary I’ve ever had!

Posted on 22 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

My hubby took me on a romantic getaway (with Zoie) to Tulsa for the weekend to celebrate our 18th anniversary. We had nooo idea that a major snow storm had hit and we were going to have the craziest adventure on I44. This flip video will give you a taste of the snowy fun we had!  (I’ll share the story later this week- still recuperating from the craziness!)

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18 Crazy Years {Giveaway}

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18 Crazy Years {Giveaway}

Posted on 20 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

WINNER OF MY CRAZY GIVEAWAY…. #11 comment was randomly picked!!!  Congrats Alison!!!  Please email me and share your mailing info to receive 2 T shirts and gift cert.

Alison Douglas: March 20, 2010 at 1:21 PM I love to watch him with our little boy… it comes so natural to both of them.


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Hubby, we met when you were 12 years old and I had a crazy crush on the boy with an attitude.  I still have a crush on you and can’t believe we’ve been married 18 years!!  Your heart is compassionate, your spirit to serve the Lord is contagious, and willingness to chase the Wild Goose is the adventure I’ve been waiting for!  We have 3 crazy kids and now waiting to bring home our new daughter… well, that’s the craziness I love being married to you!

To celebrate my anniversary- March 21st!  I wanted to throw a romantic Giveaway for 2!  Your love basket includes:  2 Simply Love T shirts and a gift certificate for dinner at a popular restaurant in your area!

How to win?

Leave me a comment and share 1.) What’s 1 thing you love about your spouse or fiance or a special friend or 2.) What’s your favorite gushy mushy Love Song?

I’ll announce the winner (random pick) right here on this post in 2 days.

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Crazy Shout Out 4 Your Fundraisers

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Crazy Shout Out 4 Your Fundraisers

Posted on 18 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

Adoption peeps.. I wanted to do a special post for ALL your adoption FUNdraisers!  A big crazy shout out in bloggy land!  I have received many emails the past several weeks and have peeked at your amazing projects… if I have not personally emailed you back forgive me I’m home with my kiddos on Spring Break, so computer time has been limited.  Here’s what I want you to do this week-  leave a comment right here so it’s all in one spot (easy) and share about your adoption or orphan projects (mission trips, etc)  Please add your link in the comment so readers can click and peek, too!  Share as many details as you want to shout out about your projects.  I also want to say- I pray you have crazy FUNdraiser success … you are in my prayers!  We’re all in this together!

This post will stay on the main page for 12 days, so please fill it up with YOUR fundraisers.  Get busy and shout out!

(special note: Becky, Anna, Iena… thanks for your emails & helping me come up with the idea of a Shout Out post!)

Orphans Summit VI

ADVOCATE FOR ORPHANS- Calling all Christians to attend the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VI this April!
JOIN organizational leaders, grassroots advocates, pastors, and ministry entrepreneurs that share your passion.ENCOUNTER the unparalleled hub of orphan ministry partnership, networking and inspiration for service.

BUILD your knowledge, resources and practical skills via more than fifty workshops and unforgettable plenary sessions.

Please contact Janiece at for more information and to let her know if you plan to attend.  Follow the link below for more information:
“All that is not eternal is eternally useless” C.S. Lewis What are you doing today that will last eternally?

We need 100 votes on top mommy blogs to make it back up to the top of the list… help make adoption #1!  Just click this adorable button everyday 2 Vote for My Crazy Adoption- that’s it!
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Bloggy Spring Break

Bloggy Spring Break

Posted on 16 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

My crazy bloggy friends… it’s Spring Break 2010!!  My kids are off this week, so my blogging will be limited.  Please feel free to email me if you have any adoption questions… I’ll respond as quickly as I can.  For orders starting today, I’m offering 2 choices for Simply Love Women’s T shirts – unisex and slim fit.  Specify the T shirt on Paypal button choices.  My T blitz ends April 4th!!  Thank you for supporting our 2nd adoption.

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Fun Flip + Meet Jack Bauer of Haiti

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Fun Flip + Meet Jack Bauer of Haiti

Posted on 15 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

I’ve been bragging about knowing the real Jack Bauer of Haiti…. well, you can get a sneek peek of one of my local heroes in my fun flip! His heart for Haiti and relentless work for the people devastated by the earthquake is contagious! We are planning our trip to Pignon and hand delivering the formula YOU helped raise (you can still donate for a few more weeks!) for Mother’s Milk Day- one day a week the missionaries give Haitian mother’s food for their babies, as well as providing formula for their orphanage. I’m praying that I can join Steve’s dream team and minister to the people of Pignon!

To learn more about the Pignon Haiti orphanage we’re delivering formula- READ HERE.

ADVOCATE FOR ORPHANS- Calling all Christians to attend the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VI this April!
JOIN organizational leaders, grassroots advocates, pastors, and ministry entrepreneurs that share your passion. 

ENCOUNTER the unparalleled hub of orphan ministry partnership, networking and inspiration for service.

BUILD your knowledge, resources and practical skills via more than fifty workshops and unforgettable plenary sessions.

Please contact Janiece at for more information and to let her know if you plan to attend.  Follow the link below for more information:
“All that is not eternal is eternally useless” C.S. Lewis What are you doing today that will last eternally?

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Simply Sunday

Simply Sunday

Posted on 14 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

I Simply Love Sundays!!

My Bible…

and one of these… can you guess??

= a happy Sunday!!

Deuteronomy 3:22 (The Message) …Don’t be afraid of them. God, your God—he’s fighting for you.”

This is Pochi & Ephraim in Ethiopia wearing Simply Love & 147 Million (Gwen Oatsvall)  You can purchase my Simply Love T’s until April 4th to help us with our 2nd adoption.

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Chip In 4 Adoption + New ET Law (I want to hear)

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Chip In 4 Adoption + New ET Law (I want to hear)

Posted on 12 March 2010 by Kari Gibson

Dear Crazy Bloggy Friends,

I just wanted to say thank you for supporting my new website and helping make adoption #1!  We are all in this together- advocating and loving orphans.  There are MANY of you out there in adoption land that are working so hard to pay for all the crazy costs involved with bringing home a child.  If you have a special FUNdraising project you’re working on and need a shout out on my crazy adoption, email me.  I love helping you make your adoption dreams come true.

As you know, Roger and I have started the process for our 2nd adoption… I wanted to explain why I put a Chip In button on my site.  I never want a bloggy reader to feel any pressure to help us financially.  That is not the goal of my website.  In fact, I prayed for weeks about putting the button up, but finally felt the peace that it was time to simply ask for help.  We have had many changes this year and frustrating not being able to sell our home 4 adoption.  Change is crazy, but we still feel a strong calling to continue moving forward with our adoption.  I have always loved helping my adoption friends when there is a need.  My friend, Juju always says- “we help families 1 T shirt at a time.”  I have a big collection of adoption T’s in my closet and thrilled to pray for each family every time I wear one!!  If you are not currently fundraising and feel open to helping my family with our adoption costs, please know 100% of donations goes directly into our adoption account- ChipIn and Simply Love T shirt proceeds.

At this time, we are working hard to raise $4,500 to complete our homestudy and dossier.  This is step 1.   We will have an additional fee of $3,000 when we turn in our dossier.  We are requesting a girl 4-6 years old, so most likely our referral will come very quickly.  We continue to pray that God will provide exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.  The funny part, I mailed my check to our adoption agency ( yesterday and received a letter that the Ethiopia Federal Courts just made a new law that every family must travel 2 trips to Addis Ababa to complete their adoption.  Adoption is challenging, miraculous, amazing and CRAZY!!  This new law will tag on additional costs and inconvenience, but we need to encourage each other to keep moving forward and not waver in our decision to adopt.  Thank you for listening to my heart.  Please pray for our family as we embark on this crazy adventure to adopt our new daughter!

In the comments, I really want to hear your voice on the new law in the Ethiopia Federal Court.  What do you think?  How does this new law affect your adoption?  Do you think that the new law will help solve any problems?  Let me know…

Here’s the conference call with AWAA staff talking about the new law if you are interested-

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