Everyone Should Have A Love Story

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Loneliness. None of us are immune to this dreaded episode. It can sneak up on us over time or in a sudden flash: divorce, death, rejection, loss of friendship or job. Loneliness is feeling isolated and disconnected from meaningful relationships. A teenage girl describes loneliness as, “It’s like being constantly surrounded by people, but still feeling like there’s no one.” We need each other….

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To Love Big Means You Have To Be More

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I got on an airplane 7 days ago traveling to Uganda with 10 complete strangers. Sure, we did the typical pre-trip Facebook page and had fun getting to know one another with messages and liking each other’s status’, but this was not real life. We were preparing to do real life together. We probably all had similar expectations of  friendship bonding and working together side by side with cheerful dispositions as a mission team and body of Christ.

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Bittersweet Lessons We Learn From Watching Others Suffer

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Yesterday, we spent the day with children and adults at the Outreach Clinic that had their jiggers removed last Thursday and were healing both physically, emotionally, and gaining education on jiggers. Soon, they will be resettled back in their villages. I’ve been anticipating for months watching Sole Hope in action and also gaining education. “What are jiggers?” In the United States we have chiggers. A jigger is NOT a chigger.

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God’s Best Even When You’re Not At Your Best

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I almost didn’t come on this trip. A month before traveling to Uganda I got really sick. I have ulcerative colitis and had a major flare up with some serious symptoms. I’ve been in remission for 6 years and honestly forgot I even had a disease. I started treatments immediately with a brand new GI doctor and told him I would do whatever it took to get better…fast! I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to meet Sole Hope and be a part of an incredible team of storytellers.

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How To Host A (Sole Hope) Shoe Cutting Party

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Yesterday, I hosted my first ever Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party and it was a wild success! I’m not crafty and was really nervous about hosting a party that included tracing patterns, cutting jean fabric, and making sure to avoid any mistakes for shoemakers in Uganda. I invited a few crafty friends that would be extra patient with me. Here’s how to host step-by-step…

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There is no tooth fairy in Uganda

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I wanted to introduce you to a very special ministry called Sixty Feet… sharing a few stories from my mission trip that changed my life.  It’s hard to comprehend that children living in Uganda who are orphaned, lost, abandoned, rejected are sent to prison, but it’s the truth of their existence.  I’m still trying to process the things I witnessed at the prisons we visited [code names] M1, M3 and M4.  I hope you will join me in praying for the imprisoned children who desperately need God’s miracles in their lives. I saw what I saw.

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