Everyone Deserves A Love Story

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Loneliness. None of us are immune to this dreaded episode. It can sneak up on us over time or in a sudden flash: divorce, death, rejection, loss of friendship or job. Loneliness is feeling isolated and disconnected from meaningful relationships. A teenage girl describes loneliness as, “It’s like being constantly surrounded by people, but still feeling like there’s no one.” We need each other….

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How To Host A (Sole Hope) Shoe Cutting Party

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Yesterday, I hosted my first ever Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party and it was a wild success! I’m not crafty and was really nervous about hosting a party that included tracing patterns, cutting jean fabric, and making sure to avoid any mistakes for shoemakers in Uganda. I invited a few crafty friends that would be extra patient with me. Here’s how to host step-by-step…

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