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Can I Afford Missions?

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Yes Yes Yes!!

Yes, you can afford missions!! The number one excuse reason I hear from people considering NOT going on a missions trip is the cost. Mission trips cost money. If you travel overseas, a trip can cost up to $3,400. I understand that the amount makes most of us gulp [read more...]

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Quita’s Story: She never saw her father again

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I love recommending wonderful organizations that help families adopt.  Lifesong is inviting their faithful readers and supporters to step up and help in a time of need for Lifesong Liberia. Liberia is located on the west coast of Africa, between Cote d’Ivorie and Sierra Leone. After 14 years of civil war, the country’s infrastructure was destroyed. A peace agreement was signed in 2003, though significant issues still remain. Currently, there is an unemployment rate of 80%.

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Mom VS. Princess TNT

By | MommyHood | 5 Comments

We are going through major TNT with our 2 year old… mom’s unite- I want to hear from you!! Princess Z can throw a temper tantrum like a keg of dynomite with a pink bow. It can be startling, when the fuse blows and we missed the vital [...]

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I came back from Uganda changed forever

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My life has been so easy.  I have everything I need right at my reach, but meeting new friends that have lived a life so difficult, and painful and dangerous has given me a new perspective of life.  I love that God can use the pain and suffering of His people to encourage others to live a life that honors the Savior.  Does that make sense?

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Washington Post Talks Adoption

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Mike Gerson, former chief speechwriter to President Bush, has a tremendous column on international adoption in today’s Washington Post.  Mike has a reputation even among critics as not just a master communicator, but also both an incisive analyst of international issues and a devout Christian.  During work-related travel in Zambia, we visited homes of AIDS victims together, and I saw in him a truly Christlike heart of compassion—one not content with just writing about needs, but yearning to address them as well. International adoption: From a broken bond to an instant bond:

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Guest: Inner Beauty Series

By | My Life Is Crazy Too | 4 Comments

I wanted to personally introduce my new guest blogger, Kit who is one of my dearest friends (in real life).  She is a survivor on so many levels and I’m really excited about her new monthly series, Inner Beauty.  Kit’s articles will focus on healing and forgiveness through the pain of loss, abuse, anxiety, stress, eating disorders and overcoming fear.  My friend is not a professional counselor, but she is a wife, adoptive mom, and friend who wants to boldly talk about subjects that can hinder our Inner Beauty.  Kit would love to hear your comments and will respond right here on my blog.

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Hero Pastor Samuel + Return Ministries

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My first hero I want to introduce you to is Pastor Samuel from Return Ministries in Kampala, Uganda.  He introduced us to his big crazy family and helped us understand what it really means to be an orphan.  His passion is training up people to love and care for orphans, but he is a living testimony of what it means to simply love.  We learned that Pastor Samuel could only work part time for his ministry due to high living costs in Kampala for his family.   He could not afford to minister full time… that breaks my heart! My first few nights in Uganda, it took me a long time to go to sleep.  I wrote a few things by flashlight in my personal journal to share with you. Uganda: We met Pastor Samuel at 10:30 am for breakfast…

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Facebook Your Mission Trip

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My hubby showed me this hilarious article from Christian blogger, Jon Acuff.  It made me laugh so hard, due to the craziness of social networking sites.  I think I had literally done everything he had listed on my FaceBook and more!  This guy has a wonderful blog/website and sense of humor, so please check out more of his funny posts.  OK Bloggy friends- I want to know if you can come up with any other crazy ways to facebook your mission trip that Jon forgot to mention?

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