Crazy Christmas Giveaway!!

By December 13, 2009 Everyday Life 117 Comments

Giveaway ends December 15th at midnight.

For my LAST GIVEAWAY of the YEAR, everyone can join in on the craziness…. you and your kiddos. You can earn up to 5 entries for doing something crazy. Here’s what you do- you choose:

1 entryshare your favorite Christmas carol title. (I love singing them loud and all day long!)

1 entry spread the word to all your FB friends about my Crazy Christmas Giveaway on your status or wall post will do.

1 entry add our Simply Love Button on your blog.  Your readers can learn more about the crazy adventure of mommyhood & adoption.

2 entries– Give me a shout out on your blog! Spread the word about our Simply Love T shirt fundraiser in a post, and you will receive 2 entries!  Comment on this post and let me know where to visit you!

You can pick one or do them all!  Make sure you leave in your comment how many entries you’ve earned = up to 5 entries. I trust all my bloggy peeps.  I will count all your entries & pick a random winner from Santa’s hat.

My Grand Giveaway Winner will receive-

  • 2 Simply Love T shirts (you choose!)
  • 1 Free Child’s Pass (Courtesy of Disney) to the NEW Princess and the Frog movie.
  • Autographed copies of the Best Seller Redemption novel series (5 book set) with Karen Kingsbury & my dad, Gary Smalley.
  • Kisses From Katie handmade Ugandan beaded necklace (extra-long & beautiful)
  • My 2 Children’s books- Mookie Series
  • 1 dozen Krispy Kreme donut gift certificate (Zoie’s favorite)
  • Sugar Cookie mix & mit for kids- Target goodie
  • Chick Flick- Julia & Julia (Meryl Streep rocks in this DVD)
  • $20 Starbucks Gift Card

You win a value of over $200 in gifts…from me to you.  Thanks for ALL the donations…you know who you are.  Our stack of Christmas goodies just got BIG BIGGER!  Email me if you have any questions.

There will be 3 Mini Giveaways for 3 random winners-  1 Free Child’s Pass (Courtesy of Disney) to the NEW Princess and the Frog movie.

Also, 5 random winners will receive my dad’s brand new book autographed- As Long As We Both Shall Love.

IMG_2319We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Crazy New Year!  Don’t forget to Pre-Order your Simply Love T shirts by 12/15 for 2nd adoption fundraiser.  100% of donations help us bring our new daughter home!


  • 1
    Lenka says:

    I love your new Simply love Tshirts!!!

    We got snow yesterday so the kiddos are playing outside all day.

  • 2
    Amy says:

    hi there! Christmas in one word wow that is hard….how about fulfilled!

    i will add the simply love button too.

    first time on your blog…look forward to reading it!

    • 2.1
      Kari Gibson says:

      Amy, you're so right. Ok- I'll change it to what is your fav Christmas song title? You still get your 1 entry though for what Christmas means to you!! whooohoooo

  • 3
    Lenka says:

    I guess I forgot to write my christmas song.

    That is a hard one. This year I love everything from STRAIGHT NO CHASER cd and every year we like to listen Handel MESSIAH.

    I already added your button to my blog and I did a big christmas shopping blog entry and your web site and Tshirt fundraiser were in it 🙂

  • 4
    Sallee Couch says:

    Fav Christmas Song : this year 'Go Tell it on the Mountain' as Esther and Solomon LOVE to sing this!!

    2. Posted your button!

    3. Posted about YOU on my blog!!

    that would make 4 entries!! Thank you so much……Love ya!

  • 5
    Randi Shetley says:

    Can't pick just one song, The Relient K album "Let it snow baby, let it reindeer" is my all time favorite Christmas CD.

    I posted your link on my wall – I also sent t-shirt info to some adoptive families who don't know you.

    I don't have a blog ): so can't do that one (I know, I know – but I'm on the computer too much already, can't add another thing!!)

    I also showed your shirts to my entire drama class last night (:

    SO, how many entries is that – ha!!

    Love you friend!

  • 6

    Hi Kari,

    I have a hard time picking a favorite Christmas song… One favorite has always been Silent Night! We saw your t-shirt back in Ethiopia this week. I am hoping to see pics of ours there also. Have a great Christmas.

  • 7
    Cindy C says:

    Silent Night, favorite song of all time!

    Christmas blessings to you and your family!

  • 8
  • 9

    Oh favorite song is Where Are You Christmas…Faith HIll

  • 10

    Ok …. I'll play!! Let's see if two times a charm!! My son pouted that I didn't get a simply love tee shirt in his size soooo…. I will give a blog shout out, on facebook and my favorite Christmas carol is Away in a manger. Thanks !!! Jackie

  • 11
    tamara b says:

    My favorite Christmas song depends on the day. I like Oh Holy Night.

    Check out my blog to see that I gave you a shout out and to see what we're up to via a link to our adoption blog.

    Nice to come across your site!

  • 12
    Corinne S. says:

    My favorite Christmas song is Silent Night.

  • 13

    So does my link a few days ago count? ha!

    Favorite Christmas song: Oh HOLY NIGHT. I remember singing that one as a girl while sitting on the beach in Liberia, looking at the ocean. Still get transported back there every time I sing it.

  • 14

    okay, done them all except the button (because I don't know how…will have my hubby do it tonight! Check it out okay?)

  • 15
    Gidget says:

    I like Silent Night and Let it Snow. My boys like Frosty the Snowman. We r in process to bring our baby girl home from India.:)

  • 16
    Dabney Klein says:

    1- Favorite Christmas song is How Many Kings by Downhere

    2-Gave ya a shout out on Facebook

    3-Posted your link on my blog

    4 & 5- Posted about your giveaway on blog

    = 5 entries


  • 17
    Jodi Burke says:

    1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

    2. Posted your blog on my facebook.

    = 2 Entries

    I don't have a blog, sorry. But my sister, Jackie Mullis, told me about your blog- so extra points for her I guess…. :0)

  • 18

    […] baby whisperer (yep, she’s got the magic) is giving away some good swag!  Head on over to her blog.  Take a gander.  It’s […]

  • 19

    My favorite Christmas song is…

    Mary Did You Know?

    I love your blog and the beautiful advocate you are for orphans.

    God's blessings,


  • 20

    You are on my blog roll, but I will also add your button.



  • 21
    Kim G says:

    "What child is this" is definately a fav!

  • 22
    Kelly says:

    My TWO favorite Christmas songs are:

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings by Bare Naked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan

    I Saw Santa by John Cougar Mellencamp


  • 23
    Kim says:

    Fav. Christmas song is "What child is this"… put a link to you blog and give away on my FB status… Love your Blog!

  • 24
    Kristy says:

    1–My favorite Christmas carol is "Joy to the World."

  • 25
    Kim G says:

    Okay, entry number two! I just posted on my FB page. Hugs!! Stay warm today 🙂

  • 26
    Beth says:

    My favorite Christmas carol is "O Come All Ye Faithful." I particularly love the "Yea, Lord we greet thee" verse. I'm trying to design it into a cross stitch piece but I have no idea what I'm doing. 🙂

    I also posted about your giveaway on FB, put your button on my blog, and posted about your giveaway on my blog. This is the first time I've visited, so I didn't have much profound to say, but you've done a fabulous job with your blog and your t-shirts are fantastic! Blessings to you and your family.

  • 27
    Amber says:

    My favorite Christmas song is "O Holy Night"!!!

  • 28
    Erica says:

    Okay you got it girl. I'm posting about your giveaway on my blog today or tomorrow, facebook, posted the linky, and my favorite carol is What Child is this or Jingle Bell Rock depending on my mood.

    I love your T's and will be emailing you shortly.

  • 29
    Susan says:

    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!

    OK! I did it ALL for 5 entries!

    Love you! ~Susan

  • 30
    Sara says:

    Love this contest!!

    Hark! The Herlad Angels Sind!

    Added your button to our blog.



  • 31

    Hi Kari!! My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. I cry every time I hear it. I also want to add that we love Over the Rhine's Christmas albums: The Darkest Night of the Year and The Trumpet Child. 🙂

  • 32

    I posted your giveaway in my FB status. 🙂

  • 33
    April says:

    HI… What a fun idea.

    Favorite christmas song is O Holy Night

    especially when Celine Dion or Josh Groban sing it.

    I have added your button to our blog

    and posted on my facebook

    you can also check out my husband and I group "one less orphan" on Facebook

    total 3 entries :0)

  • 34
    Chante says:

    1- Favorite Christmas song – Mary Did you Know?

    Love reading about how you are helping orphans! Will add it to my blog! God bless!

  • 35
    laura says:

    My favorite is Mary did you know!

    and I posted on facebook

    sooo, 2 entries


  • 36
    Erica says:

    Little Drummer Boy…pa rum pum pum pum!

    Merry Christmas, Gibsons!!!

  • 37
    apryl says:

    I had such luck with the condo–maybe I'll get lucky again 🙂

    My favorite Christmas song is 'God rest ye merry gentlemen'. Love the lyrics, didn't actually LISTEN to it until a few years ago (oddly enough heard barenaked ladies and sarah m. doing it on the radio) and the words struck me. So poignant and true. Anyway, there it is 🙂

    Fun giveaways, Kari! Merry Christmas to all the Gibson clan!

  • 38
    Sue Prause says:

    My favorite Christmas carole title is Angels We Have Heard on High–I just love singing the "Glooooooooooooria" chorus over and over again 🙂



  • 39
    Heidi says:

    Hi Kari!

    My favorite Christmas carol is "Angels We Have Heard on High"….love it, love it, love it!!!

    I added your button to our blog, gave you a shout-out on the blog, and posted all about you on Facebook….give me maxiumum # of entries please!!!!

    Here is our blog address:

    I love your super fun give-away ideas!


  • 40
    Sara says:

    Hey! I found your blog through Erica's.

    1. I love We Three Kings because it reminds me of when my dad would sing it when I was little.

    2. Status Update-check!

    3. added the button

    4 & 5. Posted about your giveaway!

    Can't wait follow your story!

  • 41
    Brooke says:

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I love it 🙂

    My fave Christmas song is O Holy Night. Gives me shivers every time I hear it!

    I'm going to add your button to my blog, and post about your t-shirt fundraiser, too, as well as post on FB, so that's 5 entries 🙂

  • 42

    Hope this doesn't post twice, but I have 4 entries. My favorite Christmas song is Michael Buble's version of Grown Up Christmas List. I put your button on my blog and entered a post. Thanks!!

  • 43
    Jamey says:

    I'm up for all five entries! What a giveaway, I couldn't resist! My favorite Christmas carol (this year) is "Away in a Manager" because I'm teaching it to my three year old.

  • 44
    Annelie Williams says:

    Baby it's cold outside!


  • 45
    Maria LLanely says:

    Hello YG Friend 😀

    1. Fav. song: I'll Be Home For Christmas

    I'll be home for Christmas

    You can count on me

    Please have snow and mistletoe

    and presents on the tree …

    2. Posted on Blog

    3. Posted on Facebook

    4. Asked my little sis to post on her facebook (don't know if that counts 😀 )

    5. Still need to add a button

    😀 YEAH!!

  • 46
    Tracy Wages says:

    alright-ey then….

    1) fav Christmas carol now is Mercy Me's "Gloria". Wow. I didn't know one sole could hold a note so long.

    2) posted on by blog
    3) posted on FB

    4&5) posted a button on blog

    woo-hooo!! Mommy wants to win a T-shirt! My hubby says that his favorite things are "freeeeee!"

    • 46.1
      Tracy Wages says:

      sorry, yes I know I posted twice. Wasn't trying to win twice! The connection was timing out and I stopped it both times! So I guess I'm now posting three times. Such a dork.

  • 47
    Tracy Wages says:

    alright-ey then….

    1) fav Christmas carol now is Mercy Me's "God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen". Wow. I didn't know one sole could hold a note so long.

    2) posted on by blog
    3) posted on FB

    4&5) posted a button on blog

    woo-hooo!! Mommy wants to win a T-shirt! My hubby says that his favorite things are "freeeeee!"

  • 48
    Brittney says:

    1. My favorite Christmas song is Mary Did You Know….LOVE IT!

    2/3. I also posted about you and your giveaway on my blog. (check us out, we travel soon!)

    4. Added your button

    = 4 entries

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  • 49
    Amy Mo says:

    My Favorite Carol is What Child is This.

    I posted your contest to my wall on FB and invited them to learn about your site too.

    button added to blog:

    I plan to give you a shout out, but will come back and let you know for sure.

    So far: 3 entries.

    Thanks friend.

  • 50

    This is a great giveaway! My fav Christmas song: In the First Light and O Holy Night

  • 51

    You are on my facebook wall!

  • 52
  • 53
  • 54
    Christy says:

    Just found your blog and love it! 🙂 My favorite Christmas carol is The First Noel!

  • 55
    Christy says:

    Just linked to this on FB! 🙂

  • 56
    Christy says:

    Added the button and blogged about you as well! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 57
    Alisa says:

    Ok, I gave you a shout on my blog, and posted your badge, and will link my blog post to my FB page!

    My fav Christmas song is "All I Want For Christmas (is a family)"- SCC

    Alisa 🙂

  • 58
    angie says:

    all time favorite christmas song:

    all i want for christmas is you

    favorite traditional song:

    oh, holy night

    love lOVE your shirt, by the way!

  • 59

    o come, o come Emmanuel is my fave!!

  • 60

    Posted to my blog, added 2 links to blog, posted on FB.

    Favorite Christmas song: basically all of them! I LOVE CHRISTmas and CHRISTmas music!

  • 61
    Amy Mo says:

    I just finished my shout out on my blog which brings me to 5 entries total (including the ones I posted above). Thanks for this opportunity Kari.

  • 62

    Have enjoyed discovering the blog. I posted on FB, added the button and gave a "shout out" on the blog for the fundraiser (

    Oh, my favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night.

    Thanks so much!


  • 63

    My favorite Christmas Carol is Oh Holy Night.

  • 64
    DeDe Lange says:

    I wrote about your fantastic blog on my blog, added a link and my favorite song is Oh Holy night 🙂

  • 65
    Sherry Semlow says:

    Hey Sweet friend! What a FUN contest!!! My favorite Christmas title is "DO you Hear what I hear?" 🙂

  • 66
    Betsy says:

    My favorite Christmas Carol is O Holy Night!!!

  • 67
    carla says:

    You have a very nice website. Can't wait to spend some time on here. Anyway, I met all the requirements for a full batch of entries. My favorite Christmas song is Jesus, Joy of My Desiring (especially w/the lyrics.)

  • 68

    my favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night!

    also gave a shout out on facebook and twitter 🙂

  • 69

    Yay! Very cool! I've earned two entries, and my favorite Christmas Carol is probably "O Come All Ye Faithful", though it's hard to just pick one 🙂

  • 70
  • 71
    Pam says:

    I'm so glad you're selling shirts again. When it's warm, I wear my "vintage" adoption #1 shirt a LOT! Love it. I really like the men's shirt. Gotta show it to my hubby.

    It's hard to pick a fave Christmas carol, but probably "O Holy Night." But lately I'm mostly singing the 2-year-old variety of Christmas songs!

    I posted your button and a big thumbs up for the shirts on my blog.

  • 72
    Kelly says:

    First of all, I think these are the coolest adoption tshirts around!!!! Second, you have a beautiful family!!!! Third, my favorite Christmas song is "While You Were Sleeping" by Casting Crowns. I also posted this as a blog entry, a facebook entry, and posted your button twice on my blog. 🙂 What a fun way to spread the word!

  • 73
    Ramona says:

    My favorite Christmas carol is "What child is this" (1 entry) However, the Third Day "Merry Christmas" song is the one that makes me cry the most seeing as our kids won't be home from Ethiopia by Christmas after all…

    I put your button on my blog (which sorry- it's password protected but if you want to check, I can send you an invite) (1 entry)

    And I'm off to put a shout on my blog becasue I love you shirts. My last one is getting a little warn so I'm off to order a new one and one for my hubby for his Christmas gift (do I get a bonus entry for that? heehee) (2 entries)


  • 74
    Kristina says:

    My favorite Christmas carol is a toss-up between The Little Drummer Boy and Mary Did you Know

  • 75

    Kari, shout out on FB, your blog button on my simple, newish blog, a shout out on my blog (you're the first entry – what can I say I'm not good at these things) and…

    my favorite Christmas song title is somthing like Mary's Song sung by Amy Grant. 🙂

    There…5 entries. 🙂

  • 76
    Kate says:

    What a great gift bag full of goodies!! Okay, favorite song is "Tender TN Christmas"!! I love being with family and they live in TN! OR, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas…cause I am!

  • 77
    Kim says:

    Fave carol – Joy to the World (1 entry)

    Posted your giveawya on my facebook page (1 entry)

    Button on my blog – (1 entry)

  • 78
    Wendy says:

    Hi, Kari!

    I'm so excited you're having this contest, as I LOVE your shirt designs! Is it true that you can only order the shirts through the 15th, though? Hoping to win the contest, of course :), and whoever wins won't know if they've won or not to know if they should just purchase them…just my thought as with money tight (you'd think we were in the middle of financing an adoption or something-lol), I would be thrilled to win them instead of putting them on a credit card!

    At any rate, sorry for my rambling:

    1. O Come, O Come Emmanuel is my favorite Christmas song!

    2. Did a wall post on FB!

    3, 4, & 5. Simply Love Button and a post are on my blog at!

    Thanks so much for the fun contest and for your entire site!

  • 79
    Lynda Steuer says:

    My favorite carol is "O Holy Night" but it must be sung well.

  • 80
    Hannah Russell says:

    I posted about you on FB, " O Holy Night" shout out on my blog, and your simply love button was already on there!!!

  • 81
    Kara P. says:

    Hi Kari! I don't ever post but I read your blog EVERYDAY!!! You are truly an inspiration! My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. I posted about your giveaway on FB and I added your button to my blog! Good luck on your fundraising efforts, may the Lord richly bless you! Please enter me for 3 entries. I would LOVE to win!!!

    P.S. We would love to have you join us in New Orleans in January. Let me know if you need any information!

    • 81.1
      Kari Gibson says:

      Kara, thank you sooo much!! My YG sisters ROCK! I would give anything to join you all in New Orlands in January… I'm asking for that for Christmas & my bday. I would bring Zoie girl! I've tried winning on your crazzzy sister's blog, but no luck yet. Adoption families are THAT family, huh:) lol I hope my crazy blog can inspire- promise me you'll say hi when you pop by:) Hope to meet you soon!

      Did you add your family adoption pic on the top- its super easy to do.

  • 82

    Hey Kari,

    My favorite Christmas carol is "Go Tell It On The Mountain":) Oh, btw, we are back in the states from Paraguay & will be back in Springfield, MO in Feb. We look forward to seeing you:)



  • 83
    Carissa says:

    What a great contest! One of my new favorite carols is "While by my Sheep" (esp. the Veggie Tales version). Please put me down for 2 entries (Facebook!). Thanks!

  • 84
    Shannon says:

    I love reading blogs about adoption…..our dd is from Guatemala and I always enjoy following journies! Posted about your contest on my own blog….good luck on your journey!

  • 85
    Angela Wells says:


    Hello YG Sister! Your SIMPLY LOVE blog was one of the first I began stalking faithfully. I enjoyed your journey to Zoie and look forward to seeing God grow your family again.

    My favorite Christmas Carol is "O Come All Ye Faithful." I posted about your contest on my FB status, mentioned the contest and t-shirts on my blog, and added the button. I think that is 5. Love what you are doing for adoption!!!!! A great resource to so many.


  • 86
    AlliD says:

    my favorite Christmas carol is the Little Drummer Boy…he gave what he had and it was more than enough. i am not a blogger, so can't enter that way, but i will put you on my fb page! (and i've sent you link to our church's orphan care ministry team :)!)



  • 87

    My favorite Christmas song is All I Want by Stephen Curtis Chapman. I did all for 5 entries. I posted about the give-away today on my blog and facebook. I also put the button on my side-bar. My blog is and I have 4 adoptees (and 5 biologicals) – the last three from W. Africa, Liberia.

    Thanks for the chance – God bless,


  • 88
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite Christmas carol is "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus". I also facebooked about the giveaway.

    Your new daughter is adorable!

    ~ Jennifer

  • 89
    Amy says:

    My favorite Christmas Carol is O Holy Night. Put me down for 4 entries.

  • 90
    Merica says:


    1. Carol of the Bells and Tender Tennessee Christmas – too close to call

    1. shout out on FB status

    1. Button on my blog

    So happy to help get the word out!

  • 91
    Claudine T in MD says:

    My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night. My parents are German immigrants and I also have family in various other countries, one of which is France.

    Each Christmas we sing Christmas songs in various languages. This was the first I remember learning. I sing it in English, German, and French and just hearing the various languages reminds me that Christ died for ALL — every tribe and tongue!!!

    Wish I was more up on the technical end; I'd put you everywhere 🙂

  • 92
    rachel says:

    I love O Holy Night

  • 93
    Dena Johnson says:

    Favorite christmas carol is walking in a winter wonderland and I am going to put this up on my facebook so you can receive more entries!

  • 94
    Anne says:

    O Holy Night is my favorite!

  • 95
    Chrisanna says:

    Wow, thank you for the chance at the generous giveaway! I love reading your blog and I love your t-shirts. We are waiting to bring our daughter home from Ethiopia as well. We can't wait!

    My favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night, I blogged about your giveaway, and I added your button. That equals 4 entries I think…Oh, I hope I win! Merry Christmas and a Crazy New Year to you too. You can visit me at

  • 96

    My favorite Cmas carol is Oh Come all ye Faithful! I blogged your giveaway at, added your simply love button to blog as well. Good luck on the T-shirt sale. We are praying for you guys as you being this journey again. We have our first home study set for Wednesday and I can't wait!! So exciting!!! We really need to get together after the holidays. Talk to you soon! Tiffany

  • 97
    Stephanie says:

    Love "Christmas Lullaby (I will lead you home)" by Amy Grant!

  • 98
    Stephanie says:

    Hi, I pressed "submit" too early on my last post!

    Here's my entries:

    1. Love “Christmas Lullaby (I will lead you home)” by Amy Grant!

    2. Posted your link on our blog:

  • 99
    Rebecca says:

    My favorite Christmas carol is Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel. Here's to hoping….

  • 100
    Dionna says:

    My favorite Christmas carol is "O Holy Night." Non – traditional favorites are "Breath of Heaven" and "Mary Did You Know."

    I will be back to check out your blog further.

  • 101
    Devon Tarr says:

    Hi! I am part of the AWAA YG on our way to a baby girl. I will post a link to your blog on mine and on FB. Your blog is such a blessing. My Favorite Christmas Carol is "O Come O Come Emmanuel." By the way, I just met Steve Scott at a fly-in for Max International, who happens to have been really close with my best friends family. He talked about your Dad and how the Lord has used him in his life. 🙂 I love all the divine connections being made. Our blog is

  • 102
    Amy Post says:

    Just put your button on my blog!

  • 103
    'becca says:

    Facebook Status – check

    blog link to this post & to the main page for t-shirt sales – check

    Favorite Christmas Carol – I have no idea, I love so many, at this moment, it would have to be Mary's Song (i don't even know if that is the title… the Mary did you know that your baby would….that one)

    SO great to have coffee this morning. We will do it again and that will be our regular meeting spot! I love it.

  • 104
    Abigail says:

    My favorite Christmas Carol is Silent NIght 🙂

    Abigail Shaw…

    also, I will write something in my post about your blog tonight 🙂

  • 105

    favorite christmas carol = o holy night

    i facebooked about you!

    total: 2 entries

  • 106

    Wow! what a fun giveaway!

    My favorite carol is "O Come O Come Emmanuel". I LOVE it, especially the Bebo Norman version

  • 107
    Caleb David says:

    Just posted to my facebook and Sakari's favorite Christmas carol is Angels we have heard on high 🙂 And jingle bells, of course…

  • 108
    Nancie-Joy Ogden says:

    -posted your link on my fb.

    -fav. christmas carol What Child Is This

    -i don't have a blog or i would put up your button and give you a shout out

    2 entries total

  • 109
    Amy Millett says:

    O Come All Ye Faithful

  • 110
    Paige Alleca says:

    Facebook post….check

    Favorite christmas carol:Silent night(sung without music) gives me chills

    Posting to my blog..

    Putting a button on my blog

    Merry Christmas!!

  • 111
    Elizabeth says:

    it's hard to narrow down a favorite carol, but i'll go with "silent night."

    also, i posted a link about the Christmas giveaway on facebook.

    be blessed!

  • 112
    Amanda says:

    My favorite Christmas song is "Mary Did You Know?"

    I facebooked.

    And I added a bloggy button.

    Lots of love to you! 🙂

  • 113
    Mary Sivret says:

    It is rare to encounter a professional person in whom you may have some faith. In the world of today, nobody truly cares about showing others the way out in this subject matter. How happy I am to have definitely found a real wonderful web site as this. It’s people like you exactly who make a true difference these days through the tips they write about.

  • 114

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So good to search out anyone with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this web site is one thing that is wanted on the internet, somebody with just a little originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the web!

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