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Truth Pandemic

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Have you ever thought of yourself as an advocate? Project HOPEFUL believes in you and invites you to partner with us as an advocate for orphans with HIV/AIDS. There are an abundance of opportunities for you to make your mark on a child’s life in a positive way.

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What are you reading?

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I have a week home with the kids for Thanksgiving holiday and I want to tackle some new books- novels, fiction or non-fiction… I want to know what you are reading.  Share the title and why you love your favorite book in the comments. Top Bestseller List Hardcover Fiction Top 5 at a Glance 1. TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson 2. THE CONFESSION, by John Grisham 3. INDULGENCE IN DEATH, by J. D. Robb 4. THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST, by Stieg Larsson 5. AMERICAN ASSASSIN, by Vince Flynn Hardcover Nonfiction Top 5 at a Glance 1. LIFE, by Keith Richards with James Fox 2. BROKE, by Glenn Beck and Kevin Balfe 3. UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS, by Portia de Rossi 4. EARTH (THE BOOK), by Jon Stewart and others 5. ME, by Ricky Martin Paperback…

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Crazy Twietmeyer Family

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I raced to Target this morning to buy hot off the press People Magazine!!!! I ripped through the pages and found what I was looking for… a 5 PAGE SPREAD about the Twietmeyer family (Kiel & Carolyn and their 13 amazing children) It was a little embarrassing blubbering through the check out line, but I’m just soooo proud of this crazy family! I asked Carolyn to share a little about why they decided to tell their adoption story to the world.

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Mommy DIY + Glowbird Craft

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My family is coming to town for Thanksgiving and we have some fun crafts planned for the kids.  Zoie and Annie will love making these adorable glowbirds with help from their big sisters.  If each cousin makes a glowbird- we’ll have a table full of the crazy gobblers glowing bright for Thanksgiving dinner. Create a flock of these bright votive holders: they’re a great project for kids and, filled with battery-operated tea lights, a luminous addition to your table. Materials Hot glue Glue gun 1 1/4-inch wooden doll head (available at craft stores) Small glass bubble votive holder (ours is 4 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high) Brush Mod Podge Tissue paper Scissors Tacky glue Beads Instructions Apply a dab of hot glue from a glue gun to the wooden doll head. Then adhere the head to the votive…

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4 Reasons I Co-Wash Zoie’s Curls

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Help… the winter has caused Zoie’s curly hair to be extra dry.  What is your favorite leave in conditioner or creme to keep things soft all day?  Leave your suggestions in the comments.  Thank you moms! I’m sooo not a hair care professional, but I learn a lot about Zoie’s curls and coils reading Happy Girl Hair Blog.   This crazy hair guru blogger mentions co-washing in many posts, but I had no idea what she meant, so Mr. Awesome googled it last week.  I was surprised to learn I had been doing it all along and it’s really good for Zoie’s hair.  I thought it would be fun to have a little hair competition and find out what your favorite products are for curls, swirls, straight, thick, frizzy or wavy hair.  God gave all our darlings a unique crown of…

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