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{Guest Series} A Mom’s Journey Loving Big 23 Foster Care Children

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Foster care scared me to death! My first reaction was, “no, there is no way I can do that. I can’t love a child like my own and then say good-bye, I’d get way too attached.” Well, now three years and twenty-three children later God has shown me over and over that what He calls you to, He equips you for. “I” can’t do any of this, but He can do miraculous things when we say yes to His call. Read Laura’s amazing story…

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My Crazy Adoption Blog/Kari Gibson

{Guest Story} I’m Doing It Afraid For God

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As I walked out of the airport doors and into the hot thick air taking my first steps on Haitian soil, my first thoughts were, “I’m ACTUALLY in another country…a third-world country!” I remember being in absolute wonder and amazement by how God had even gotten me there. How God molded me and prepared me all of those years before, as well as, strengthened my parents with just the right amount of peace and comfort to cover them while I was on my first of many adventures to come. God started breaking my heart …

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Kari Smalley Gibson blog

Are You Ready To Get Crazy on My Crazy Adoption Blog?

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This year brings big changes in my life with homeschooling, writing a book, juggling mommyhood, serving locally, and all the crazy stuff in-between that comes with a new God-adventure. A few months ago, a dear friend gave My Crazy Adoption blog a beautiful transformation from top to bottom and made things easier for you, my faithful readers to find current posts, as well as collected topics from the past six years of blogging about parenting, adoption, orphan care, and missions while our family served and loved big living in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

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3 Toughest Adjustments With Change

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I have committed the ultimate blog sin and have been on a blogging hiatus for the past few weeks. I have been MIA and every day feeling the tug in my heart to share with you the reason. So here it goes, I have been feeling the impact of major change in every area of my life. Everything has changed. It’s been overwhelming and it’s time to let you know and seek wisdom and advice and prayer. Also, I have some really big news ….

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What really happens when we give extravagant love?

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One of the most beautiful stories of love in scripture is when Mary washed the feet of Jesus with her (really) expensive perfume and her hair. I’m sure everyone in the room was shocked beyond belief by her behavior. Culturally, this was unheard of and unacceptable. She was judged, ridiculed, misunderstood, and even mocked. Mary’s behavior to others was … well, just a little crazy.

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Wynne Elder and Kari Gibson

My crazy friend Wynne is changing the world

By | Adoption, My Life Is Crazy Too | 21 Comments

Hi My Crazy Adoption readers! My name is Wynne Elder + I blog over on Gloriously Ruined and I am so excited to be with you today! I have had the crazy honor and privilege to get to know “mama kiki” as we served alongside of each other for 2 months in Ethiopia last summer, and let me just tell you – she is just as amazing “in real life” as she is on her awesome blog.

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Worth More Than Gold

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If you ever get a chance to tell a child they are Kings and Queens on a mission trip, you can watch God’s miracle of love build up their confidence, value, and dreams for the future. We have used the theme Worth More Than Gold many times this year when we disciple youth in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Nicaragua. I love the look on a child’s face when you call them (in their native language) a King or Queen. They usually laugh because we speak Amharic, Creole and Spanish so terribly, but more importantly a child feels honored and valued. We’ve had the opportunity to love big on children who have been former child slaves, abandoned, neglected, abused, trafficked, and unloved. What an incredible responsibility to Simply Love the precious royalty around the whole wide world and invest in the Kingdom…

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1000th blog post and big news

By | Mission-Hearted | 22 Comments

Today is the 1000th blog post and I thought it would be exciting to share some big news with you, my faithful blog friends. In a few weeks, I’m thrilled to announce a brand new website coming and new blog look for My Crazy Adoption! Roger (my hubs) and I will be joining together to create a place you can visit and learn more about our ministry, Simply Love and Man Up. Love and Protect the Fatherless. This has been a big dream of ours and God brought an amazingly talented, mission-hearted friend, Andrea La Valleur (visit her Twitter here) to curate our new website.

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