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I raced to Target this morning to buy hot off the press People Magazine!!!! I ripped through the pages and found what I was looking for… a 5 PAGE SPREAD about the Twietmeyer family (Kiel & Carolyn and their 13 amazing children) It was a little embarrassing blubbering through the check out line, but I’m just soooo proud of this crazy family! I asked Carolyn to share a little about why they decided to tell their adoption story to the world.

We were shocked when we first got the call from People. While we have been very open about our adoptions and verbal about the HIV related issues because of Project HOPEFUL, this was scary. We stepped back and realized if we believe what we have been preaching for the last four years that we HAD to consider it. If ALL of our kids were on board, especially understanding that, although never secretive about their HIV status that MILLIONS of people would have access to that information if we moved forward. They thought it was a NO BRAINER. So here we are, 10 months later in the BIGGEST publication in the world, exposed……..and it is BEAUTIFUL. I pray MANY will open their hearts and homes to adoption as well as caring for orphans infected with HIV….AND VISIT THEM!!

We prayed…and PRAYED……..and prayed……God has been clear from the beginning. There’s NO SHAME in His game and there are MILLIONS of children that wait….and suffer stigma all over the world.
I pray it brings comfort to the people hiding in shame and brings knowledge to the people that shame them into hiding. What a PRIVILEGE for our family to speak on behalf of these kids and speak God’s heart for the orphan.
This qualifies for ALL that is “CRAZY” for sure!!!!! Leaves me wondering how much “CRAZIER” it can get!

PLEASE go to and watch the TRUTH PANDEMIC VIDEO…PLEASE share it with FIVE friends….NO child should perish for OUR lack of knowledge!

ALL for ONE!
Carolyn Twietmeyer
Founder/Executive Director
Educating, Encouraging and Enabling families and individuals to advocate for and adopt children with HIV/AIDS.

“A FATHER of the FATHERLESS and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation. God places the lonely IN FAMILIES and gives the desolate A HOME in which to dwell;” Ps 68:5-6 Any questions?

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    Kit says:

    Kiki!!!!!!! I am weeping reading this. I have to give a speech next Tuesday in class and I am sharing on ADOPTION!!!! With permission, I would like to quote this sweet family! I love dear friend — but miss face time with you. HAPPY, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I'm so thankful for sooooooooo many things!


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    Kari and Carolyn,

    Nina told me about the article and we picked it up right away! What an amazing story and fantastic read. It sounds like God is busting the doors open for your ministry! That is truly exciting! And the phone calls you are getting!!! Wow.

    Kari, thanx for continuing to get the word out there!

    –erik w/a "k"

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    Meg Ishikawa says:

    Living here in Okinawa, we got the news a bit behind people in the USA. But I had on the show that Katie Couric hosts, (I forget the name) and only caught the tail end of the part about the Tweitmeyers. Our oldest is not too close to the Lord right now, but supporting Compassion Int. and reading everything that comes out by MaryBeth Chapman and Steven Curtic Chapman, is still a passion for her! What all of you are doing is incredible BECAUSE you are obeying the Lord and showing the world what God's heart is toward people! Thank you for your obedience and hearts of love guided by the Holy Spirit!

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    Laura says:

    The things these parents will go threw to get that government check.

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    Ted Twietmeyer says:

    This is wonderful!
    Intensive geneology work and research was done for more than a year back in the mid seventies by none other than Theodore Twietmeyer. He sent out letters of inquiry all over the world. Long before the internet, he was able to assemble the names and birthdates (and deaths where applicable) of all the Twietmeyers in the world known at that time in the USA, Canada, Europe, etc… into one very large family tree. (cont'd below)

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    Ted Twietmeyer says:

    I was fortunate to be have numerous photographic prints of a negative showing the front of a very old two story home in Germany, built circa 1500s run off where I worked. It was moved to a museum in Bonn, Germany where it may still be today. Theodore also started the world-wide Twietmeyer annual family reunions in the summer of 1975. The first world-wide reunion ever held was in Rochester, NY. About 126 Twietmeyers attended that big event at a party house. He told me almost everyone known to be alive at the time, minus several who were school teachers in Germany who could not attend because school was in session.
    He was a great man and well ahead of his time, and in technology made contributions to Eastman Kodak company with a means to coat color photographic paper. He also held a US patent for a electronic push-button comhination lock back in the 60's.
    Look at geneology today and where it is now! Theodore was my father and I'm blessed to be named after him. You can email with questions at .

    Ted Twietmeyer

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    Nice commentary. last thirty days I uncovered this internet internet site and desired to permit you be conscious that i’ve been gratified, heading via your site’s posts. I should certainly be signing equally as much as the RSS feed and can wait around for another post. Cheers, Glen

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