What’s In My Heart.

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Hubby and I have a fun tradition where we only buy “stocking” gifts for each other for Christmas. What makes it so fun is finding creative gifts that will fit in a sock, but still have the big surprise value. There are exceptions to the rule … this year, I had to cheat just a little and hide his twenty-pound kettle ball behind the sock. I would have ripped it stuffing that crazy thing inside. My favorite gift this year was stuffed at the very bottom, inside the toe. My family went shopping together to pick this one out. I was VERY surprised! I unwrapped a beautiful heart locket with the words “What’s In My Heart” engraved on the outside. Inside the heart, tiny charms that symbolize what’s in my heart. They knew exactly what to put inside: R- for my hunky hubby, four birthstones for each of my children (we have a precious son in heaven) and a cross. What’s really special, they can add charms inside my heart anytime they want.  I’d love to hint for a few more for my b-day coming up this month- adoption, friendship, scones and blogging:)

Yep, I cried. It’s so meaningful to a mommy when her family takes the time to choose the perfect gift. It made me think hard about all the things deep in my heart. My faith in God is the ultimate treasure that I couldn’t live without. He has made my life complete and utterly miraculous with blessings indeed. I thank God daily for the precious treasures that He has entrusted me with. I do not take them for granted. I thank Him for the pain in my life. It’s my core belief that He turns all pain to treasures. It’s a promise I believe with all my heart. I have experienced pain at all levels—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Holding my son before he died was the single most painful moment of my life. It made me the person I am today. God wrecked my life. He has stripped me and disciplined and pruned me the past forty-two years to continue to grow as a wife, mom, daughter, and friend. I’m a work in progress. I challenge myself constantly to seek my purpose in life. I love asking Him—why did you create me?

What I love most about my necklace—I’m in control of what I want to put in my heart. The things in my heart can change constantly or remain the same. The really important things that once were in my heart, that are not so important anymore, I have taken those “charms” out; they are gone now. I don’t miss them at all. I have replaced them with new charms that make me feel passionate, adventurous, radical, and a little crazy.  Now, how can I convince them to make an adoption charm- I think we could sell those here like hot cakes!

I would love for you to share with me, what’s in your heart?  I love reading your comments and being inspired by your words.


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    AmyE says:

    A new child from Ethiopia that we will hopefully meet this year, my 3 kids and husband … and a rich ministry that continually grows and challenges me to use the gifts that God gave me … a maternity home in Oregon, called Saint Child. Thanks for asking and making me think more deeply about what's in my heart.

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    Oh,Kari…what a beautiful gift! I love the idea and love what's in your heart….I feel as though our hearts look very much the same…in my heart is Jesus, my hubby, my four kids plus one precious son in heaven, my girlfriends, Ethiopia, and a new orphan care ministry I'm working on. Here's to 2010…what a blessing to start it with our hearts so full!

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    Kim G says:

    What a Fab gift! I love your heart Kari. So sweet and special!! Happy New Year friend. I can't wait to see you all at the Blackwell's this month. Hugs!

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    Dionna says:

    Oh I adore that locket! Wherever did they find such a thing?? I think my locket would be full – I'd need a couple hearts. 🙂

    Mine would have a cross for the Lord, initials or charms for my hubby and kids, something to symbolize writing and missions. I'm sure I could come up with more too – if someone said something I'd be "Oh yah yah – me too!" 🙂

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    Merica says:

    Such a beautiful and precious gift! I love, love, love it. Those kiddos and hubby of yours get a super A+, huh?

    I'd retype it here, but to see what's in my heart these days, tip toe over to my place (blog)… in your spare time that is.

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    Merica says:

    PLEASE join our travel reunion group!! We'd the THRILLED to have you, sista. We had such a blast last year. I'm beyond grateful for the precious people we traveled with. Seems like ages ago now. To India it will just be lonely ole us! Scary!

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    tracy says:

    what a beautiful treasure! —-and it is so you!! –above all else guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life! prov. 4:23

    love you!

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    Wow, I love it!!! What a precious gift!

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    What a neat gift—but also an interesting exercise into thinking about what would go in each other heart necklaces. It's true—as I get older what's in the heart now is a lot different that what was in my heart even just a few years ago. I should really sit down and make sure I've got the right things in there right now!

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    Traci says:

    So sweet!

    Hey there! I'm a new follower of your blog.

    I'm hosting a GUSSY Giveaway too over at my blog if you want to enter two places:




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