The scariest anniversary I’ve ever had!

My hubby took me on a romantic getaway (with Zoie) to Tulsa for the weekend to celebrate our 18th anniversary. We had nooo idea that a major snow storm had hit and we were going to have the craziest adventure on I44. This flip video will give you a taste of the snowy fun we had!  (I’ll share the story later this week- still recuperating from the craziness!)

Romance in the snow from Kari Gibson on Vimeo.


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    So glad you guys are okay. Isn't this the craziest weather ever?!?



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    Melodie says:

    so glad you're safe…now if you lived in CO, that would be a normal winter's drive! smile

    Happy anniversary!


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    Amy says:


    I can only imagine! I feel for you!

    A few years ago the hubby and I were headed to Chicago from Nashville (for Christmas), and we hit horrible weather in KY! Ice!!! We couldn't see out our windshield. We were barely moving on the interstate, and traffic eventually came to a standstill and we spent the night in out car on I24. It was awful! We finally got going again in the morning when some of the other bored, stranded motorists helped us push our car off onto the ramp we were sitting next to all night, and we took a massive detour to get past all the stuck traffic and back onto roads that had finally been cleared.

    I have MASSIVE car anxiety, and much of it is due to that experience, I'm convinced!

    Glad you survived!

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