Sam Nuttmann

A Filmakers Journey To Korah

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You think you understand poverty, struggle, oppression, thirst, hunger, sorrow, joy, passion. Then you visit one of the poorer villages of Ethiopia; these words represent the rule, not the exception. My visits to Ethiopia, once in 2010 and again in 2011, were an awakening for me. I have been to developing nations before and witnessed poverty-stricken places first-hand, but somehow Ethiopia seems different. The needs of the people there are so great, yet their resilience seems undying and unstoppable. So what can I do to help, to make a difference? What can one person do? And then I meet the people working there to make a difference, people like Summer Yates, Dave McIlrath, Jerry Shannon, Kari Gibson, Ephrem Hagos, Sammy Liben, the list goes on. What can one person do? It turns out, a whole lot! As a filmmaker, I have the opportunity to capture life in moving pictures and sound. In our world, multimedia such as movies, online videos,…

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