{Guest Story} I’m Doing It Afraid For God

By | Mission-Hearted, My Life Is Crazy Too | 7 Comments

As I walked out of the airport doors and into the hot thick air taking my first steps on Haitian soil, my first thoughts were, “I’m ACTUALLY in another country…a third-world country!” I remember being in absolute wonder and amazement by how God had even gotten me there. How God molded me and prepared me all of those years before, as well as, strengthened my parents with just the right amount of peace and comfort to cover them while I was on my first of many adventures to come. God started breaking my heart …

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What A Child Really Feels In Foster Care {A Short Film: ReMoved}

By | Adoption | 11 Comments

“It would be impossible to fully understand the life and emotions of a child going through the foster care system, but this short narrative film portrays that saga in a poetic light, with brushes of fear, anger, sadness, and a tiny bit of hope.” If you are a foster parent, I hope this film validates you, encourages you and inspires you on your journey. Thank you foster parents for your radical hospitality!

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{Guest Story} Praying Through for Our Miracle

By | My Life Is Crazy Too, Parenting | 6 Comments

Three years ago Reese was diagnosed with a 22 Degree curve in her spine. “Please God. Please let us hear good news today. This appointment crept up on me too fast. I really need good news here.” That was my conversation with God on our way to the appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon last week. 6 months flew by and it was time for an X-ray to assess the progression of Reese’s Scoliosis. Kerry D’Ortenzio shares her beautiful miracle to encourage you, and inspire you to pray big! You don’t want to miss THIS story …. but don’t forget your kleenex!

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How We Can Serve Here, There, and Everywhere

By | Everyday Life, Mission-Hearted | 4 Comments

You want to start serving in your community, but you don’t really know how or where to start. You want to make a difference in your community, but you don’t really know what to do. Discovering what breaks your heart is the perfect place to start praying that God will reveal your heart-beat. I share in today’s post 3 simple ways to serve locally in your own community … wherever you live.

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Moving, Ice Storms, and A Happy New Year Word

By | Everyday Life, Parenting | 6 Comments

Our family has been living out-loud our new year adventures starting off with big amounts of craziness. There is nothing fun about moving (in my opinion) but moving into a new home in a snow and ice storm has made the past month crazy! Join me for a NEW year of blogging and celebrating life together focusing on real-life issues with building a healthy marriage, growing happy and healthy children, cooking healthy (gluten free), letting go of expectations and experiencing real joy, as well as finding new projects together that are making a big difference in our world …

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