Princess Z Picks Her Pumpkin

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We were invited last weekend to a special night with our local Ethiopian Adoption group for fun, fellowship and picking pumpkins!!  I love this time of the year and enjoy decorating the house to celebrate the harvest season.  Every morning, I light all the yummy pumpkin spice candles and pumpkin lights for the kids to enjoy. (Target has some great big pumpkin lights that are happy and unspooky!!)

We loaded up Zoie and headed to the pumpkin patch to party Ethiopia style!!  We had no idea where we were going, but Kim gave fantastic directions and even though it was 1.5 hour drive out in the middle of nowhere farmlands… we were excited!!  The farm had everything- fire pits, hay rides, pumpkins, kiddie train, and Porta Potties!!  The adoption group was lively and the kids had a blast playing with the activities!!

Zoie loved the hayride.. she wanted to sit right behind the big wheels, so we huffed and sucked in spraying dirt so she could have the full tractor experience!!  She ran from pumpkin to pumpkin and finally picked out a tiny one just the right size (in the free basket)  She was delighted!!  We took a ton of pics and decided to end the evening with adventure.  As we headed to the van, Hubby loaded up the stroller and carefully maneuvered out of the pitch black field for home.  It only took me a few minutes to realize something was missing.  My cell phone was MIA.  I immediately accused Mr. Awesome for not checking the stroller before throwing it inside and he accused me of allllwaays losing my phone.  He suggested I left it on the table when I shoved 3 marshmallows in my mouth.  We got into a crazy argument about nothing and drove back home in semi-silence.  We had no idea that the pumpkin people had already called our son to let us know my cell phone was found in the parking patch. (he forgot to call us)

Well, the evening ended good… I served Hubby a plate of crow and we did a crazy U-Turn in the middle of nowhere to retrieve my lost cell.  I love when we find ourselves in sticky situations where we can bond as a family and grow in forgiveness.  Zoie loved the pumpkin patch and we can’t wait to go back next year!!  It has been suggested by my daughter that I might clip a glow in the dark stick on my phone… just in case.

I want to know your favorite “bonding” story as a family… leave me a comment.

More fun pics …


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    Nina says:

    Wait….you and Mr. Awesome argue? 😉

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    valerie says:

    LOVE those darling pictures of sweet Zoie – she is the cutest!!

    The Mister and I had a great "bonding" moment just last night. Wouldn't you know it, the week he's out of town I find a MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE! The first ever. So I bucked up and set some traps, and for two whole nights…nothing! He proceeded to tell me I had done it wrong and I had put the traps in the wrong place and take it from him because he knows that where I put them the mouse will just stop and turn around and yadda yadda. Ugh! (And just for the record, I moved the traps to where he said, and still NO MOUSE!)

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    Sherrie says:

    I'm with Nina! You guys argue?? LOL…


    Sherrie xoxo

    P.S. I love your 147 million orphans T- Shirt!! Your such a faithful billboard!!

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    Elisa Hyman says:

    Funny story about your phone…I left my camera at one of our events. I totally freaked out, and thankfully the Rogers had picked it up! Great pictures!


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    Kryste says:

    Mr. Awesome!!! HA! I am SO using that on Frank! ( And I have totally done that with the stroller/cell phone!)

    All those babies are ADORABLE!!!!

    There's a girl wearinga tshirt that has a pretty blue Africa on it, WHERE did she get that shirt?!?!

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    Kari – I can't believe how big Zoie looks! Just like that, no longer a baby and she has become a beautiful toddler. She looks so happy and joyful – as do all of you! Blessings to you and your family – Karen Wistrom

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    Becky Burk says:

    Kari, Zoe's HUGE! I can't believe how beautiful she is and her hair is precious!!! awww, it melts my heart to see new pics of her. I'm dying to hear the results of the giveaway! I'm counting down the days!

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