Crazy Stripper Part II

By March 9, 2010 Parenting 3 Comments

I can’t tell you how much we appreciated and laughed over your creative suggestions on helping Zoie stop stripping.  They worked and she has had 7 naps in a row.  Thank you to all my crazy mommas who united for 911 diaper crisis.  We ran to Target and bought Dora Pull-Ups, waterproof pull ups, new size 3 zippy jammies and big girl panties.  We put her diapers on backwards and that has nipped the problem for now.  She has had so much fun practicing on her princess potty.  For those of you who did not hear, I set up the potty and explained to Princess Zoie how is all worked,

“Put your pee pee and poo poo inside the potty!”

She smiled and sat down on her new pink throne and did a poopy.  I think she broke a world record… can anyone’s prince or princess top that??!!

Here’s a few pics to make you smile.

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