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I love sharing links I love. I love sharing your links you love. This {new} weekly series, Crazy Links I Love will be a place we can share our favorite links, blog posts, recipes, helpful tips, projects, and fundraisers … your favorite things every weekend. I want to be a cheerleader for you, a shout-out for you, and a place you can share your gifts, talents, and passions with other bloggers. You can also connect with an email including a link and blurb I can share with readers.

If you have a favorite post or link, it’s really simple to share: Link-up your favorite links with the Inlinkz tool at the end of the post. Let’s get this party started …

Here are a few of my favorite links this week:

Jen Hatmaker’s Latest Blog Post: Where I Stand 

I got an email yesterday from a very dear event planner that will soon host me for her conference. With absolute care and kindness, she asked about my position on homosexuality, because while my World Vision blog held space for peace and dialogue, I kept my personal conviction close, which I have always done. But when this good woman wrote, “I personally need to know which direction your heart lends itself on this subject. Simply because I’m responsible to my superiors and consistency,” I knew it in my gut: she is right. I owe this to her, to others like her, and to my brothers and sisters in Christ whom I love. To the degree that it rests on my transparency as a leader, I bear responsibility for the conscience of others, and it is unfair to withhold. #speaker #blogger

Love To The Max by Emily Colson

The theater was remarkably quiet, until the Muppets burst into their first song. The music catapulted Max right out of his seat. He jumped forward into the center aisle and began to leap and prance before the entire audience. Dance solo is his specialty. It was exactly where we stood just months before at Christmas, in another theater, when the patrons hurled cruelty toward us. But not this time. This time hearts were open. And Max knew it too. Everyone burst into applause as Max bounced down the aisle grabbing hands and pulling others into his dance. There was lightness in the air that spread like a fragrance. It was irresistible. And all around us we could hear the noises of autism playing in surround sound, the music of our beautiful kids who don’t often use words. It sounded like praise music.

Flower Patch Farmgirl shares: Broken For Me  

He walks our way, between rows of carved pews, the tips of angel wings reaching his temples across a clean-shaven head. He’s here in his Sunday best, this stranger, and I hope he didn’t think it was necessary. I glance down at my faded jeans, thankful for a morning so rushed and air so cold that they were really my only option… #momblogger #adoption

The R House: Children Of My Own 

Children of my own. Every time someone separates children who were adopted and children who are biologically related to the parents using the above phrase, it makes me cringe a little. “She has 1 of her own and 2 adopted kids.” “Are you going to try to have children of your own?” “They decided to adopt after they couldn’t have children of their own.” I understand that people don’t always know the correct terminology or know what positive adoption language is. That’s why blogs like mine exist. It’s why support groups exist on a local and national level. Education is powerful and it can be done lovingly… #adoptionadvocate #blogger

Kristen Strong shares: When You Wonder If You’ll Ever Dance Again

In the fall of 2011, we discovered our daughter Faith had a broken neck. Before and after her precarious but successful corrective surgery, Faith endured strict limitations on her mobility. For months, she (reluctantly but obediently) kept her physical activity to a minimum. Playing on the jungle gym during recess at school? Nope. Riding her bike around the neighborhood? Double nope. Faith couldn’t even go down the stairs at home without one of us holding her hand. #incourage #blogger

Hair Guru, The Small Things Blog: Fold Over Bang Twist + Tutorial (I love this!)

I’ve gotten a few requests from readers who want to learn a new way to pull their bangs out of their face other than simply sticking a bobby pin in them. I always feel like my hair looks less “finished” when I slide a bobby pin in to hide a bad “bang” day. So, the simple act of hiding that bobby pin with a little section of hair can take your style from “my bangs didn’t cooperate today” to “yeah, I did this on purpose” #blogger #hairtutorial

HuffPost Parents: I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical

I don’t believe for a moment that mothers today love their kids any more than our great-grandmothers loved theirs. We just feel compelled to prove it through ridiculously expensive themed birthday parties that have do-it-yourself cupcake stations with 18 types of toppings and over-the-top gifts.

Michael Hyatt shares: Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog? 

(I grew up living near Michael & Gail Hyatt in Waco, Texas and continue to be a huge fan of his blog- learning and growing as a writer and blogger.) “Assuming you want to increase your blog traffic, there are certain mistakes you must avoid to be successful. If you commit these mistakes, your traffic will never gain momentum. Worse, it may plateau or begin to decrease. #blogger #recipeforakillerblogpost

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