Coming Soon… My Africa Trip Blitz

My dear crazy readers, I have had an incredible time reading all your guest posts and soaking up your amazing comments!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to interact and share your thoughts back to my guests.  I have been bloggy MIA since returning from Africa.  It has taken me time to recover, play with my kids, and end the summer with a bang.  I miss Africa deep down in my heart.  There are so many photos and stories to share with you that honestly, I don’t exactly know where to start.  My heart is bursting with change and joy and sorrow and purpose from the people I had the honor of ministering with in Africa.  I pre-warned my extraordinary team they would feel crazy emotions coming home and I’m completely emersed in working through my own feelings.

My life has changed, but struggling how to express the change in words.  Please pray for me as I continue to shift through the 14 days I spent in Africa.  I’m praying specifically on the “it” God wants me to pursue on a personal level.  God opened the door for miracles and directed our steps to ministries that desperately need our help to grow, survive and thrive for His purpose.

I will also announce soon two 10-day mission trips back to Ethiopia and Uganda in 2011.  I want you to join me on a radical trip that will change your heart to pieces.


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    Kryste says:

    Kari, I've loved seeing the pictures so far, the trip sounds incredible. Hard and amazing. I cannot WAIT to join you next year on one of those trips. Praying for you as you still transition back.

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    Nina says:

    TAke me with you!

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    Kelly says:

    I can't wait to hear more! Glad to hear that you are back home safely! Post more details soon!!

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    Lori says:

    I am wanting more info about the Simply Love t-shirt fundraiser. I go to church with 14 families that are in the process of adopting from many different countries and I would like to give them more information about your fundraisers. How many shirts do you have to order at a time, how much they cost, etc. Thanks for your help! Lori

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    Teri says:

    Kari…my husband & I and our 3 kids (17,15,12) went on a mission trip to Kenya in June. I could have written your post, because your words are still mine 2 months later. I am trying to reconcile the two worlds. Africa and America. They have nothing…yet they have everything. They have a steadfast faith in their Creator for their daily needs. The emotions still wash over me as I share a story or a picture of our time there. Africa is life-altering. It will be exciting to see where God leads both you and I as we wait on Him.

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    Bill Carr says:

    Kari, how do I get some of your "Man up" T-shirts????? I would love to get a few for family/friends. We just returned with our son from Ethiopia and would really like to get some t-shirts! Let me know. Thanks!


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