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How To Host A (Sole Hope) Shoe Cutting Party

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Yesterday, I hosted my first ever Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party and it was a wild success! I’m not crafty and was really nervous about hosting a party that included tracing patterns, cutting jean fabric, and making sure to avoid any mistakes for shoemakers in Uganda. I invited a few crafty friends that would be extra patient with me. Here’s how to host step-by-step…

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{Guest Series} How I Embraced This Haiti Heart

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Hi my name is Rachel and Haiti first captured my heart 2 1/2 years ago when I was blessed to travel on my first mission trip. I’ve been able to take two more trips to Haiti since then. My most recent trip was with an absolutely incredible non profit organization called i’m ME. I am honored to serve alongside this awesome organization because of their bold love for the people of Haiti and their passion for creating an environment that fosters the value and worth of family, love and education.

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Pebble Beach: Photo Credit: Getty Images

It’s A Bucket List Kind Of Day

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I’ve always wanted to create a bucket list. I don’t have one, but my hubby does. For years, I’ve heard him say he wanted to play golf at Pebble Beach and then he could go on to the great golf course in the sky. Tomorrow, I get to join him on a business-fundraiser- bucket-list trip to Pebble Beach located on beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

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Grilled Turkey Legs

Crazy Grilled Turkey Legs #SummerFun

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I’m making grilled turkey legs tonight for my family! I bought some turkey drumsticks and found this delicious recipe! I’m all about grilling in the summer and can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’m gluten-free, so I always make sure I can keep the ingredients gluten/wheat free. I didn’t have a white onion, so I used a red one. Hope your family enjoys this #easy recipe!

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Kari Gibson Family

3 Simple Ways To Keep Summer Blogging Fun

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Summer is a special time for families to slow down and have fun together (and that means blogging too) This is our 1st summer in three years we are home in the US! I’m focusing my writing and projects on family, and if you’re like me, finding time to write (alone) is almost impossible to find! The kids keep me hopping, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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