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Adoption 101: 4 Keys to Healthy Attachment

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What is attachment and why is it so important? Simple definition: Attachment is a relationship. July 7, 2008, Zoie was so sick when we first met her that she immediately attached to us for survival. All her needs were being taken care of and by the time we left Ethiopia, she was thriving. We are a very affectionate family and Zoie fit right in with hugs, kisses and joy. The only thing missing for me was the special time I remember having when I fed and rocked my babies at night. It’s an intense bonding experience. From the beginning, Zoie would allow me hold her, rock her, and feed her, but there was something missing. I would hold her tight to me and she would slightly push me away.

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Introducing The Twins … What To Expect When You’re Expecting Movie

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Sometimes LIFE is Bizarre. That is the best way I can sum up our story…..Just Bizarre. Just God! In 2010, after the Haitian Earthquake, my husband and I decided it was time to pursue our long time desire to adopt. We had talked about it for years, but decided it was time to actually DO something…not just keep talking about it. We spoke with our 3 children (at the time ages 2,4,6) about wanting to adopt.

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What Is the Simply Love Kit?

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[Stress-Free Fundraising] If you are reading this post, you are most likely feeling completely overwhelmed with fundraising A LOT of money to pay for your adoption, mission trip, and humanitarian projects. Believe me, I totally understand. I want to help eliminate your stress. The Simply Love Kit is only 3 simple steps… check it out.

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