I’m so excited to have my awesome hubby guest blog for the first time and share an amazing story.  He drives me crazy in love every day!  For the past 16 years, he leads our family devos after dinner.  I love listening to his unique ability to mix a Bible story and real life stuff for our 3 kids.  A few weeks ago, he challenged us to be a lefty.  Please leave him your comments and encourage him to come back and blog for me when I’m in Haiti and Africa!  Hubby, welcome to my crazy adoption.

My wife asked me to be her guest blogger today and share something that would inspire dad’s.  One of my favorite things to do after dinner is to gather up the fam and lead Dad Devo.  This is my time to teach, encourage and lead my kids through the miracles of the Bible and help them connect the stories and verses to their real life.  I have 2 teenagers and a toddler, so I enjoy the challenge of keeping Zoie entertained and challenging my teens.

Kari and I never wanted “normal kids” according to the worlds definition.  We actually work hard at un-normalizing our three kids. Sound crazy? Yeah, we want our kids to fit in with the right clothes, friends, sports, and academics … but not really. If you have never read Judges 3:12 – 30, it’s a must because it is really hilarious, disgusting, and heroic all in one story.
Without giving anything away, the star of the passage is left handed or as we call him a LEFTY.  Now, when we describe people we normally don’t say what hand they are.  I would never think of saying, “You should meet my wife, Kari. She is a righty.” I can definitely think of better descriptions to give you. Well, God thought the description he gave was perfect because Ehud just happened to be an Isrealite from the tribe of Benjamin … which literally means the “son of the right hand”. Ehud was probably a kinda of an “out of the box” kind of person. He was the odd ball among the “normal” people. Just picture him throwing his spear from the wrong side and his coach trying to show him how to throw the “right way”, or the teacher showing him the correct way to chisle the letters on his tablet so the slant would be the correct angle, or eating at the dinner table and clanking elbows with his sister and her responding with a loud, “why can’t you just be like everybody else!” God ‘s plan all along was to use Ehud because he didn’t fit the mode of hero, change agent, or revolutionary in the eyes of the Isrealites. He was the one person that the Benjaminites would say, “No way, Ehud did what?” To remind US, God mentioned Ehud was a “lefty” because he does not need “people” with the right stuff to accomplish His work. He wants LEFTIES! He wants us un-normalized, non conformed, and a different people in the eyes of the world.
Behind Ehud success I believe he had a dad (& mom) that embraced him being a lefty. Just as Ehud’s parents did, I remind my kids daily that I love them just the way they are.  I don’t want them to make any changes… be who you are and be real.  If they come home and feel defeated from school or their sports, I immediately pour on the blessings.  I hug, encourage, uplift, cheer and point them back to the cross.  I have 2 teenagers, and they deal with major pressure everyday.  I want to be the one they come to when they are hurting or discouraged.  I have an open door policy with my family making sure they can come to me about anything and I mean anything.  You will open the door wide to have some very deep talks with your kids if they feel safe to share.  I text them during the day that I love them and praying for success and God’s favor for their day.  I want them covered in truth to be able to fight the battles of daily life as a teen.  I continue to carve in their hearts a belief system- what do you believe about God’s word and God’s love for you?
Dads, what is pick one thing that you know your child may not like about themselves that you can say or do today to communicate to your child (ren) that you love them regardless of whatever it may be.   OK- I want to hear how you encourage your kids to be a lefty?

A little family war fun in the snow…

Dads… you can get involved, too.  My great friend, Pete Kidd has started an adoption ministry JUST for dads!!  Check it out-

“Hello All! – If you know someone who’s just getting into the adoption process, or struggling with the decision to move forward, this video interview will be an awesome resource for them! It’s the compelling story of a father who was totally cold to the idea of adoption – that is until God transformed his heart and aligned him with God’s will. Please share this! It may be just the encouragement that a prospective father (or mother) may need to move foward with the gift of adoption. Thank you!

May God continue to bless your adoption pursuits, and to Him, be the glory!”

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    Wendy says:

    Roger, I know I'm a little behind in reading posts, but I just want to thank you for your challenge and encouragement, and I'll send my hubby this direction, too!

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    Nanny and Grandpa says:

    WOW Roger what great insights to parenting you've shared. You are so right..being open to communication with your children is so important you have to have that otherwise they will drift apart from you..we all need that loving support that only comes from having a someone special and trust-worthy to communicate with..your family has that in you because you've realized the importance of staying in touch. also thank you for staying in-touch with your parents it make s us feel special too.

    Love, Mom and Dad

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