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Headbands for Korah!! We are celebrating our beautiful daughter’s birthday today and in honor of Princess Z we want to ask you a big, crazy request?  Will you help us bring 200 400 Headbands for Korah Girls ages 2-13!!  I leave for Ethiopia Feb. 15th on my mission trip with Visiting Orphans and want to bring beauty to the girls living on the dump and orphanages we visit.

I’m simply blown away by all the headbands pouring in the mail from all over the country!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  Every Princess I meet in Ethiopia will get a gift of love from you!  I love you crazy bloggers!

I want to show you a few bands that we hand made. Hannah and my niece, Maddy created bands that are so colorful and fun.  There are no patterns necessary, just make them from your heart.  I love the bright flowers, too!!  My crazy readers, go a little crazy and allow me to put love on the head of every Princess I meet in Ethiopia – a handmade or store bought headband from you.

Here are some great links for head band ideas:

You can also purchase headbands here at Because Every Mother Matters for my collection for Korah girls. Click here. Starting today, for every “adult” headband they sell, they are donating 1 headband for my project.  1 for 1!!!  Thank you BEMM!!

Samantha Davidson and her blogger mom made these stunning headbands for the girls. http://davidsonpartyoffive.blogspot.com/2011/01/flowers-for-korah.html

Please invite your friends to participate in {Headbands for Korah} parties.  If you are making headbands, please email me if you have any questions. I can accept headbands up to Feb. 15th.

Thank you Emerson!!

Mail headbands & bows to:

My Crazy Adoption Blog

1482 Lakeshore Drive

Branson, MO 65616

I will update here on my blog and let you know how many we are collecting and who is making them!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We have them coming all the way from Australia- seriously!! WOW

1/12 update: we have raised over 500 bands in 4 days!!

Happy Birthday Video from Zoie!!


  • 1
    Sarah says:

    I have tons of headbands I would love to donate!

    • 1.1
      Kari Gibson says:

      Sarah, thank you so much!! I want each princess in Korah to receive simply love- we will hug and then put the bands on their heads… give them the blessing!!

  • 2
    amy says:

    or, you could purchase a headband from the org. Because Every Mother Matters,

    and support an African refugee here in the USA also!

    you can find info via steffany boster,

    look her up on FB!

    • 2.1
      Kari Gibson says:

      Amy, that is great- possibly any readers who DONT sew can purchase them for my headband project. Do you want to dig up the info and post here in the comments for me?


  • 3
    Kryste says:

    Happy Birthday Zoie Senait!!!!

    Zoe and I would LOVE this project, we will get right on it and start recruiting some other people as well!! Still wish I were going with you!

  • 4

    I would love to help! I have already started sending out emails and it looks like I'll be hosting a headband making party next weekend. Yeah, what fun! Just let me know where I need to send them.

  • 5
    Kryste says:

    And her little video…. SO CUTE! She's adorable!!! I miss having a little GIRL! Hope you guys have a great day celebrating!

  • 6
    Sherrie says:


    Kari, I would love to purchase some head bands for your trip, I don't sew at all, but would love any info where I can purchase some to send with you!!

    Let me know!!

    love ya,

    Sherrie xox

  • 7
    Bonny Holder says:

    You can count on me for a half-dozen or so. I'll send 'em before the end of the month. xoxoxox Bonny in New Mexico

  • 8
    Kim says:

    I sent you an e-mail, but I am not sure if you received it. I can commit to 10-12 headbands (at least!). But I'm not sure where to send them :O). Very happy to help!

    • 8.1
      Kari Gibson says:

      THANK YOU THANK YOU SISTERS!!! I added the mailing address on this post. We have already hit our goal in 3 days- now going for 400 headbands & bows!!! You rock!!

  • 9
    Julie says:

    My MIL makes these for my girls all the time. I'll put her on it! So lovin' the way you are being used by God!

  • 10
    Bonny Holder says:

    I made 25 yesterday! So now I'll give it a rest, but please send your address to me at bonnyholder@yahoo. xoxoxox love from New Mexico

  • 11
    Michelle says:

    Kari, wow! how did I miss this? expect a package from Paeton and I, we have been making hair bows/head bands to raise $$ for Dig Deep and we would be so happy for the Princess of Korah to wear our designs : ) GOd bless you and your ministry!

  • 12

    […] you from the bottom of my heart for your CRAZY support with my Headbands for Korah project.  Together we have collected over 345 headbands, scarves and bows to date.  I have a 50 […]

  • 13
    Jessica says:

    This is such a sweet and simple idea 🙂 I will be sending 17 to you tomorrow 🙂

  • 14
    Gena Beam says:

    I have two more to make for an even dozen and will be mailing them to you in the next day or two from Texas. God bless.

    Gena Beam

  • 15
    Gena Beam says:

    I am mailing out the headbands today that I promised last week. Mother Nature shut down north Texas last week for four days and my supplies were 20 miles away. I got them finished today and hope that they will make it to you in time. Since I can't go to Ethiopia, I'm so excited to spread a least a little sunshine in the girls' lives at Korah. Thank you for your heart for the orphans and children there. God bless you and all the others on this mission trip.

    Gena Beam
    Midlothian, TX

  • 16

    […] was the original HEADBANDS FOR KORAH post I wrote months ago to ask for your help.  Your creativity, big monster flowers, wide stretchy […]

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