Crazy Love With Cherries On Top

Coming from a rather large family I had always wanted to have children of my own. I had always pictured birthdays with handmade cakes and decorations, and singing over my babies. I pictured busy kitchens baking mini tarts with  my kids in little aprons  like I did with my mom and grandmother growing up. I pictured a dinner table full of conversation and chuckles. I didn’t have aspirations of being a career woman or doing many of the things my friends had done. I wanted to be a mom…

And then my husband and I were told that we had about a 10 to a million chance of conceiving a child. Not great odds. We were both incredibly devastated by the news but as any woman with a passion I jumped {head in} to the fertility treatments. We had a round of IVF that ended in a painful tragedy and we were never the same.

My husband and I believe that things happen for a reason so we picked ourselves up and thought about adoption as a way to grow our family. We were ready to move forward, although very afraid of getting our hearts broken again. We filled out paper work, finished a home study and waited around for a few months. In late March of 2005 we got a call from our agency  that a birthmother had picked us and wanted to meet at her next doctors appointment.

We met the birthmother and knew right away that this was a match that was meant to be. We got to hear our baby boy’s heart beat that day. Over the next few months we fell in love with his kicks and spoke to him through the belly of a sweet woman who we will never forget. She chose us to be his parents and are so grateful!

Our hopeless and broken feelings turned into love, excitement and joy! In the middle of September that year we were there as our son came into the world and held him for the first time. Words cannot express the emotions that we felt looking into his face. My husband and I both knew that the journey was to bring us to this beautiful baby. It was all worth it in the moment that we looked into his eyes.

And our lives were full of birthday cakes, singing and chuckles at the table. As if that joy wasn’t enough, when our son was 18 months old, we found out about a baby girl that was due to be born in about 8 weeks time. We knew little about the situation. We prayed and felt that we should move forward with her adoption. We met her birthmother over lunch one day and realized again, it was meant to be. We brought our daughter home when she was a few days old after only about 6 weeks. We were barely ready but we knew from the moment we laid eyes on her, she was meant for us!

Now, many happy birthdays and merry family memories later we are starting the journey to China to meet our third child, our son who we lovingly call “little brother”. If I have learned anything from our adoption journeys it is to trust God completely, embrace the unknown and grow from pain. There have been many moments in my life when I’ve asked “why”. There have also been many moments when I have said “I see”. I know that God’s plan is greater. His love is greater. I am enjoying living out my dream of being a mother and it is a most wonderful dream come true!

Guest: Sarah Viera

How can you help this adoption family?

The Viera Family are currently raising money for their third adoption through an auction on their blog. “We are walking through faith that God will provide for this adoption.”  Here is a link:

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